News Digest: FICCI turns VC, 68 Lakh MNP requests rejected, Google Ozone Free Wi-fi access & more…



Google offers Free access to Google+ & Youtube on O-Zone Hotspots

Google is aggressively marketing its social network Google+ in India – According to the news in Business Standard, Google has announced a new initiative that will allow users to browse Google+ for unlimited time on public Wi-Fi provider O-Zone Network Hotspots. Additionally, users will be able to browse YouTube and watch exclusive movie clips and promotions for 10 minutes each week completely free.

Obviously 10 minutes is not enough for video viewing, but this particular initiative by Google is purely for pushing Google+ platform among Mobile users. The issue is, very few users are on Google+ right now and only time will tell how successful this initiative by Google will be.

FICCI turns into a Venture Capitalist

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry or FICCI has joined hands with US federal government agency, USAID to raise a USD 15 million VC fund called “Millennium Innovation Fund”. This fund will support, sustain and scale up local ideas and innovations that can be commercialized for India and other emerging markets.

This Millennium Innovation Fund is joined by Vijay Mahajan of BASIX and Saurabh Srivastava, a VC himself. According to Rajiv Kumar, Director General of FICCI, “This fund will try to leverage great Indian ideas, innovators and entrepreneurs or commercialize some of the great work that comes out of the many government labs

68 Lakh Indian Mobile users could not port their Mobile Numbers

According to latest TRAI report, total of 23.2 million mobile users have opted for Mobile Number Portability. Considering the size of Indian Market, that is quite a low number. One of the reason has been Operator’s willingness to let the mobile user go from its fold. According to a news in Business Today – over 6.8 million Indian users could not port their numbers even after porting requests were made.

Although, TRAI has come out with strict guidelines to stop Operators from rejecting MNP requests on flimsy grounds, Telecom Operators seem to be paying no heed to these guidelines.

Among the Telecom Operators, Bharti Airtel has maximum number of complaints, followed by Vodafone & Idea Cellular!

India has worst bureaucracy in Asia: Report

According to report released by a prestigious consulting firm in Singapore, India fares worst in Asia when it comes to bureaucracy. It has a rating of 9.21 on the scale of 10.

Even countries like Vietnam (8.54), Indonesia (8.37) & Philippines (7.57) have much better rating than India. China has a rating of 7.11 showing much better bureaucracy than India.

Singapore was rated best country in Bureaucracy with a rating of 2.25, followed by Hong Kong (3.53), Thailand (5.25) Taiwan (5.57), Japan (5.77), South Korea (5.87) and Malaysia (5.89). [source]

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