Weekly Wrap-up: Stock Market Resolutions, Marketing Plan, Mobile Train booking, Car Buying, TRAI directives & more…


The first week of New Year is already over! We are now getting back to frequency of our postings. Lets take a look at popular posts that were published on trak.in last week.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: 2011 recap, Festive SMS rates, Funding News & more…

Prior to last year – The rally is stock market was all thanks to big FII money, however, in 2011, FII’s were biggest loosers. It’s the story of hot money going cold.

Indian Government though gave a pleasant surprise on the first day of the year by announcing that foreign individual investors can now participate directly into Indian Equity Markets – earlier they could invest only in Mutual Funds.

Trak.in has quite a few plans in 2012 – Here what you can look forward to on trak.in in 2012.

If you are Stock Market Investor, chances are that you have had bad 12 months or so – Here are some resolutions that stock market investors should stick to in 2012.

This is an excellent post for startup Entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their businesses – How to create a Marketing plan.

Things are becoming easier for Train commuters in India – Buying your train ticket was a pain earlier, but now you can buy train tickets on mobile even while you are on the move.

Which mobile browser do you use to browse internet? If you have not tried UC browser, you must. This new kid on the block is giving tough times to Opera and other popular mobile browsers.

Decision Sciences are essentially mathematical calculations do come up with Business Decisions – Here are 5 ways SMBs can benefit from Decision Sciences.

If you plan to buy a new car in 2012, here are different points that you should evaluate before finalizing the car to buy.

Have you heard about Saving Bank Account Number portability? Yes, it is soon coming to bank near you.

Last week of 2011 did not see too many Funding Deals – Here is a snapshot of small number of funding deals that happened in the week starting 26th Dec.

Looks like Indians are finally going to get some respite from Inflation – According to the figures released by Govt. Food Inflation has turned into negative for first time in 6 years.

Though India is fast growing economy and career opportunities here are plenty- Majority of Indians still prefer to go abroad to work and settle down.

US has put up a wrong India map on their Government website – and although the US spokesperson has said that they have replaced the map of India, the actual map on the website still shows part of Jammu & Kashmir as part of Pakistan!

TRAI has announced quite a few directives to ensure that Indian Telecom consumers fair treatment from Telecom Operators. One of the major thing they announced was like post-paid users, even pre-paid users can now get the benefit of itemized billing.

We all know it – India is one of the toughest countries for people who come from abroad and live here. The HSBC survey also points to the fact that India is one of the most challenging countries for expat living.

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