Blockbuster Posts of 2011!


Yay! we are on the last day of 2011 and what an apt time to look at all the most popular posts of 2011. We have ranked the posts on basis of comments that it has received showing that the visitor interest in these posts was maximum!

Top 20 Popular Posts of 2011

  1. Speak Asia Online – Genuine, Ponzi or Scam?
  2. Reliance Communications Joins The Tablet Race With A Rs 13K Tablet
  3. The Real Grass-roots Innovation by Indian wins Best Product Design!
  4. Full list of Tablets in India – The story so far…
  5. Aircel Offers free iPhone 4 with 2 year plans!
  6. Projector Mobile Phones in India [Comparison]
  7. Play The Anna Hazare Game, get Jan Lokpal Bill [Weekend Fun]
  8. MHRD’s Aakash will cost Rs. 2276! Will be sold in Retail
  9. 4800000000000 [4.8 lakh crore] rupees black money goes out of India to foreign shores!
  10. Now, Virtual Tickets accepted by Indian Railways – No need of physical printouts!
  11. Tata Nano promises India’s most fuel efficient Diesel car at 40 km/litre!
  12. Confirmed – Google Voice works in India !
  13. Islamic banking coming to India! But people need a crash course in how it works!!
  14. Discounts –Is it the only driving force behind the growth of India’s E-commerce industry ?
  15. Fundamental problem of Indian IT industry – not enough passionate programmers!
  16. Android 2.3 mobile phones available in India!
  17. Ahoy! Is India’s First Billion Dollar Internet Firm Here?
  18. Top 10 coupons / deal sites in India – Snapdeal reigns supreme!
  19. Which Indian Telecom Provider offers Best 3G mobile services? [Poll]
  20. Finally Starbucks all set to enter India!
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    Happy new year to all your team and thanks for posting such a wonderful articles. Keep up the good work.

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