Top 10 B-schools of India in 2011!


A list of the best B-schools in India is not only popular and a favorite on since many years, but also a list which is widely awaited and read throughout the country. Here is a comprehensive list giving a snapshot of the top players this year, as rated by a combination of reliable sources. There are about four or 5 different surveys that are carried out through-out the year on Indian B-School Rankings. We have tried to put together a list that presents the list based on rankings of these different surveys

Let’s take a look at this list, in no particular hierarchy.


IIM Ahmedabad

To put IIM-A in the first spot has been a little controversial because surveys by HT, CNBC TV 18, ET and Zee Business School placed it at the number one spot while the Business Today Survey placed it at the third spot. The CNBC survey has also placed IIM-A at the top in the list of Government B-schools in India and B-schools by Industry Interface.

"It is a positive development (that the gap is reducing). But foreign universities – once they are allowed to set up campuses in India- will be our main challenge."

Samir Baruah, IIM-A director (Source: HT)

IIM Bangalore

Business Today’s ranking placed IIM-B on the first spot in 2011 while CNBC TV 18 and HT surveys placed it second in their lists of top Indian B-schools in 2011. IIM-B is particularly known for its research facilities and par – excellence faculty. It also has one of the best stocked libraries in the Indian subcontinent with over 1.83 lakh titles and subscriptions to more than 4,000 academic journals.

"Today, business is not isolated from government and society. They are all intertwined. What we teach is management – of private businesses, of public institutions and of not-for-profit organizations."

Pankaj Chandra, IIM-B director (Source: HT)


IIM Calcutta

With a ranking on the second spot of the Business Today Survey and on the third spot with the HT, CNBC TV 18 and the HT Survey 2011, IIM-C has been rated so because if its top notch placement record, teaching devices and techniques and faculty extraordinaire. The kind of research work that is produced by the IIM-C academia makes is consistently one of the best Indian B-schools year after year.

"One of the areas we are very strong is finance. Three years ago we started the finance lab, the largest of its kind in the country. In finance, we have been offering many courses."

Dr. Shekhar Chaudhuri, Director of IIM Calcutta (Source: BT)


While the Business Today Survey places IIM-I on the number 4 spot, the HT Survey places it on the fifth and the Zee Business School on the seventh. IIM-I doesn’t figure on the list of top Indian B-schools in the CNBC TV 18 survey at all. IIM-I takes a top spot in most surveys because of features like its fully electronic library, 1.5 year executive MBA course, state of the art IT tools and applications and its newly introduced UG management program.

IIM Lucknow

Although IIM-L lacks the brand value of its sister IIMs but it never falls short of being on the list of top 10 Indian B-schools year after year and 2011 is no different. For Business Today, IIM-L falls on the fifth place, the HT and CNBC TV 18 Surveys give it the fourth spot and the Zee Business School survey keeps IIM-L on the eight spot. IIM-L is sought after because of the hands-on exposure it gives because of its connections with industry and its experts.

IIM Kozhikode

IIM-K which has now shifted to Kunnamangalam in Kerala and is well known for being the first Asian institute to offer a distance learning program called Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) for working professionals. While IIM-K doesn’t figure on the HT Survey list at all, it gets the tenth spot on the Zee Business School survey, sixth spot on the Business Today survey and the tenth spot on the CNBC TV 18 survey. IIM-K is also well known for offering the widest range of programs in management education in India.

XLRI, Jamshedpur

You will see a distinct variation in the rankings allotted to XLRI in various surveys. While the ET rankings recorded a second spot for this institution famous for HR studies, Business Today gave it the tenth spot, CNBC TV 18 gave it the sixth spot and HT gave it the eight spot. XLRI has come up with a few new initiatives such as partnership with foreign schools for providing an MS in Finance, a Masters in Organizational Development with Cleveland’s Weatherhead School of Management, Masters in International Business with Lille Catholic University, France and international executive MBA in collaboration with University of Minnesota.

"XLRI is the only B-school where the study of business ethics is compulsory in all programmes."

Pranabesh Roy, Dean of Academics, XLRI (Source: HT)

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Ranked six in the HT Survey, eighth in the Business Today survey, ninth in the Zee Business School Survey and twelfth in the ET Survey for 2011, ISB too has been trying to make its way up the list of top Indian B-Schools year after year. But the fact that it has been only ten years since it was established, these rankings for ISB are commendable. Many are attracted to the ISB due to its list of international faculty, invitation to industry experts, high placement levels and affiliations with MIT Sloan, London Business School and Fletcher School. ISB also plans to open a second campus in Mohali, near Chandigarh which will be functional by 2012.

"Our single biggest toughest challenge is to build faculty. In 2004, we started with four and today we are at 50 and in the next four years I want to take this number to 100."

Ajit Rangnekar, Dean of ISB Hyderabad (Source: BT)

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi

Playing around in positions in between the fifth and the tenth on most lists in the last few years, Government of India’s vey own institution of foreign trade studies has managed to make it to the seventh position on the Business Today list. It surprising to see how IIFT does not figure in any other list of top 10 Indian B-School as yet, considering it is one of the toughest schools to get into – approximately 85 k students for 220 seats!

IIM Shillong

Featuring only in the Business Today list at the ninth position and the Zee Business School Survey at the eleventh position, IIM-S boats of a great campus, followed by a theme of sustainability in business. Earlier known as Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, it was set up so that the north eastern parts of India have their very own access to the legacy of the IIMs.

If this list was stretched to the top 20, you would have seen names like AMITY, S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, NMIMS and so on in the list.

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  2. Chowdari Prasad says

    IIMs do not need to be included here as all the aspiring candidates know what they are and some of us know why it is so. After all they are government backed and funded. They have a brand value like PSBs. Even then, I can't comprehend how IIM-S got included here without showing results for say at least 3-5 years in placements, research besides of course producing top quality management graduates!

  3. Ganesh says

    List is a SHAM . FMS Delhi missing from the list . Everyone in the industry is aware that FMS D stands out as a premier institute

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  6. Altaf Rahman says

    It would have been better to have tabulated the rankings instead of explaining them. By the time people read about the 5th or 6th Institute, they forget what is written in the above 4. In tabulation, people can directly see the ranking of each institution by each surveyor.
    Nothing to take away from an excellent article.

    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Adarsh Thampy says

      Exactly my thoughts. I was thinking the same.

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