Weekly Wrap-up: New Cars 2011, Insurance Trends, Techtree funding, Vodafone numbers, 5 in 5 & more…


I have been on vacation for past 5 days and hence not too many updates on the blog since Thursday. Here is a recap of few articles that got published earlier in the week.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Rupee Exchange Rate, Google Plus, Mobile Banking, Stock performance & more…

Its good news for online media companies & publishers. VC money has also started flowing in online publishing sector. Last week Accel Partners invested in Trivone Digital, company behind sites like techtree, channeltimes and cxotoday!

We also did few 2011 recap posts last week – here they are

Many people have asked me about the connection between Sales and Marketing – Here is how marketing can make sales redundant!

Thanks to acute shortage of new mobile phone numbers, Vodafone has decided that it will be disconnecting inactive mobile numbers in 60 days. What happens to lifetime connection users…is yet to be clear!

BSNL has launched a unique scheme pan-India. You can choose your number online from thousands of numbers that are available at their disposal. So try and get a fancy number for yourself while they last!

IBM released their annual survey on 5 Innovations that will change your life in 5 years – Mind reading will be common place in next 5 years…think about it!

Many Banks have now hiked their Savings account deposit rates thanks to de-regulation in interest rates by Government. Has your bank increased the rates?

Look forward to quite a few 2011 recap posts in this week as well and I am sure you must be waiting for 2012 as eagerly as I am!

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