Weekly Wrap-up: Rupee Exchange Rate, Google Plus, Mobile Banking, Stock performance & more…


Here is a wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week published on Trak.in & TGF.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: India Auto story, 2011 recap, mobile subs, Free Healthcare, Social Media statistics & more…

Its been good few days for Electronic Sector in India – Government has announced that it will give preferential Market access to home grown Electronic Manufacturing units as per the latest draft release of National Policy on Electronics 2011!

Facebook scams are now common-place, but still, millions of Facebook users still get caught in the net of these scammers. Here is a look at The Anatomy of Facebook Scam and how it spreads like a Wild-Fire!

Google+ is taking India very seriously – They have already roped in many Bollywood Celebrities on their platform. And now, the entire Indian cricket team seems to have joined the Google+ bandwagon – Viru even had hang-out with his fans!

Financial Literacy is an extremely important facet and the earlier you learn the better it is. If you want to inculcate financial understanding in kids, Here are 5 ways to teach kids financial literacy.

With current not-so-happening economic scenario in India, the stock markets have also been volatile as well as range-bound. However, some stocks have down exceedingly well even in adverse conditions – Here are Top 5 out-performing stocks of 2011. On the other end of spectrum, here are 5 stocks that performed worst and were hit by economic crisis the most!

Mobile Banking and Mobile transactions are the future and services like Nokia Money are set to take advantage of the rise. They have launched Mobile Wallet services Pan India.

There has been a carnage as far as Rupee Exchange rate goes – Rupee has weakened to over Rs. 54.20 against the Dollar. It is also an all time low record for Rupee against the greenback!

With growth slowing down drastically and even IIP numbers showing slowest growth in past 2 years, RBI has finally decided to pause interest rate hikes much to the relief of consumers!

Google released the much awaited Google Zeitgeist – A report on what was searched the most on the web and you would be surprised seeing some of the results!

Here are 10 tips that Indian Businesses should keep in mind when they closing an international sale.

Social Media has not become an important marketing & customer relation channel for all businesses. Here is how Airline Industry can leverage Social Media!

This new invention may change the way we capture photographs and video. Group of MIT scientists head by an Indian have developed a camera that shoots a trillion frames per second!

I am sure you are some one you know have been in a situation where you have experience Failed ATM transactions – Here is what you need to do in case of failed ATM transactions

In the west, nearly every home-owner has a Home Insurance, but in India very few opt for it. Here are some of the reasons why Home Insurance is very important!

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: India Auto story, 2011 recap, mobile subs, Free Healthcare, Social Media statistics & more…

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    It is really a good time to wrap up all the topics we have talked about through out the year. You have presented a very nice summary. At the end of the year you have presented two very important articles with market perspective “Top 5 out-performing stocks of 2011” “5 stocks that performed worst”. This gives an insight of the market and how market is behaving and what should be the strategy for 2012.
    Thanks again.

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