What India & World Searched in 2011 – Google Zeitgeist!


The much awaited Google’s recap of what the world searched in 2011 popularly called as Google Zeitgeist has been released. The searches are also presented in beautiful interactive format which allows user to see the popular searches segregated by Countries, regions and even by the month when a particular key phrase was popular!

Most Popular Global searches on Google in 2011

As far as the world fastest rising searches go – 3 apple related queries (iPhone5, Steve Jobs & iPad2) were on top of people minds. And yes, it is iPhone 5 and not iPhone 4S – Just goes to show how desperately the world was waiting for iPhone 5 which never arrived in 2011!

The number 1 fastest rising search on Google globally was for Rebecca Black, the 13 year old singer who notched up over 167 million views on Youtube and catapulted the 13 year old to the celebrity status!

The Launch of Google+ was also one of the highlights of Social Media space in 2011 and it came in number 2.


Most Popular Indian searches on Google in 2011

Couple of things really surprised me when it came to popular Indian searches. One age old thing remains true – SEX Sells.

How else would you reason Poonam Pandey being the 2nd fastest rising personality on Google only after Anna Hazare. Poonam Pandey beat the likes of even Steve Jobs and Salman Khan!

poonam-pandey vs Steve Jobs

India Google Zeitgeist Rankings on different parameters

Here is a quick look at what India searched in 2011

Fastest Rising Searches Fastest Rising People Top Searches
1. Facebook  1. Anna Hazare  1. Facebook 
2. Ibps  2. Poonam Pandey  2. Youtube 
3. Google+  3. Steve Jobs  3. Gmail 
4. World Cup 2011  4. Anushka Sharma  4. Yahoomail 
5. Bodyguard  5. Salman Khan  5. Google 
6. Ra.One  6. Justin Bieber  6. Yahoo 
7. Anna Hazare  7. Kajal Agarwal  7. Irctc 
8. Ipl 2011  8. Katrina Kaif  8. Rediffmail 
9. Poonam Pandey  9. Vijay Mallya  9. Indian Railways 
10. Ready 10. Aishwarya Rai 10. Way2sms


Top People Top Movies Top News
1. Katrina Kaif  1. Bodyguard  1. Ipl
2. Anna Hazare  2. Ra One  2. World Cup 2011 
3. Salman Khan  3. Harry Potter  3. Cbse Result 2011 
4. Poonam Pandey  4. Delhi Belly  4. Diwali 
5. Justin Bieber  5. Singham  5. Lokpal Bill 
6. Aishwarya Rai  6. Ready  6. Japan Earthquake 
7. Sachin Tendulkar  7. Mankatha  7. Aadhar Card 
8. Kareena Kapoor  8. Transformers 3  8. Osama Bin Laden 
9. Steve Jobs  9. Dookudu  9. Pakistan 
10. Priyanka Chopra 10. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 10. F1


Google has also released a wonderful video that reviews all the popular events and happenings in 2011 – Take a look!

Google Zeigeist 2011 in Review Video

Check out the entire Google Zeitgeist here

  1. Sheetal says

    Hi Arun thanks for sharing it with us. Really true and I am really missing to see the name of Osama Bin Laden in that. And so surprised to see way2sms in the website list even though many other websites like eBay is popular.

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