5 Social Media lessons every Business may want to learn!


Every other business uses social media these days. So what about it? What makes you different? What do you need to understand about social media that others haven’t?

Check out these top 5 lessons that every business must learn about social media and how that can set you apart.


It’s all about real time

While small businesses are busy using social media for creating awareness, the well known brands, on the other hand are using social media to engage with their customers in real time. Whether it is getting a payment query sorted out, informing customers about latest deals or getting instant opinions from them regarding a new launch, real time conversation and feedback is invaluable. The other big advantage of strategizing your social media in real time is that there is a sense of your brand having a human touch and it being prompt and quick.

Pick and focus on two main social media platforms

It’s a fallacy to believe that every single social media tool out there is a going to be valuable to you. In fact, by trying to be omnipresent on the internet, you might be on your way to lose out on your brand image entirely.

Firstly, you may not be able to do enough justice in maintaining interaction and feeds for all social media platforms. And secondly, if all your social media platforms are not well populated with interactivity and if they pop up in search engines, your brand image can go for a complete toss.

Social media requires lots of patience

There are many small and large businesses that have quit using social media or aren’t using it as much as they should because it doesn’t seem to bring results. Whether you are using social media as a means to push sales and earn direct revenue or promote the goodwill of your brand, nothing will happen instantaneously.

Social media, in particular, is a medium that takes a lot of time to build up traffic, get an average number of clicks that generate advertising revenue and create a community of interactive users.

Get into the niche content

At the outset, there are going to be two types of audiences that you will be interested in catering to, through your social media tools – the customers who are loyal to you and are following you to receive updates about your products and services. And the other type of audience is essentially what Internet marketer’s call ‘passer-bys’ who have to be lured into your brand.

Posting generic content about your brand is not going to help this cause. If you are a departmental store, what sets you apart? If you are an airline, what are you offering that makes your social media page worth being visited again?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be offers and freebies all the time, even niche content about your brand can lure potential customers.

Reserve your domain and usernames

This is extremely important and equally ignored thing by Businesses. It’s funny to know that this social media lesson which is common sense, is actually implemented by a very few. This tip applies especially to small and medium businesses that lose out on the domain names and usernames on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and other social media because of lack of foresight.

A tremendously important social media lesson is to reserve your IDs even if you don’t see yourself operating on that social media platform for the time being. When decide to use it, you don’t want to compromise on the username of all things would you? Believe it or not, extended and compromised usernames speak of bad planning for the brand.

Obviously, there are many more things that are required to create your successful Social Media presence, however these are some of the basic points which will go a long way in ensuring that you do not fail on the Social Media train!

  1. Divya Bhaskar says

    This is really a useful post for all those marketers out there. Online marketing is a tricky business and even trickier when it comes to managing people. You never know what can go wrong. And negative comments can spread like fire. It’s a never ending world out there. The word spreads from one to another and it never stops. You can never control what’s being said by others. Thus caution needs to be maintained while posting or in a companies policies. Once in the net, you are out there for a toss.

    Divya Bhaskar

  2. When we say freebies, we imply that let customer experience the product to reach decision making process of owning it.

  3. Rohit says

    Social Media sites are indeed a great way to connect with your customers. But one thing I have noticed that freebies or offers create more awareness or can engage more number of customers than other things.

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