Weekly Wrap-up: India Auto story, 2011 recap, mobile subs, Free Healthcare, Social Media statistics & more…


Here is a wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week published on Trak.in & TGF.

Looks like FDI in Retail has still a long way to go before it becomes a reality – And even if it does, it mat not be really easy for likes of Walmart to be successful in India!

Nearly everyone across the globe has their eyes on Indian Automobile sector, after all it is tipped to be the second biggest automotive market in the world by 202. However, looks like India Auto story is like an overrated Bollywood movie.

Through-out this month we will be carrying out a recap of all the happenings of 2011. Here is the top 10 Negative News India witnessed in 2011!  You can check out all the 2011 recap articles here.

According to latest TRAI release, India registered 874 million mobile subscribers by end of September. Mobile subscriber addition was sluggish with only 7.9 new subscribers being added in Sept. 2011!

Here are two more 2011 recap stories – The top 10 trends witnessed in 2011 & The Top 10 Indian Businesswomen of 2011

If you have not seen this, you must – A 58 minute video documentary on Mark Zuckerberg & rise of Facebook and the future of it!

Take a look at all the funding deals on the previous week!

If you think that twitter is popular in India, you may be wrong. According to recent twitter survey, India does not figure in of the hot topics, trends or people on twitter in 2011.

Here is a great news, especially for poor and needy. Indian Govt. is considering offering free healthcare services for all Indian citizens soon!

As the time passes, we are witnessing new all-in-one gadgets. The newest craze is touch screen enabled ultra books. Is this the future of our computing requirements?

Now, this may be the biggest news to come out last week – Indian authorities are giving a boot to a very ambitious Unique Identification project!

Ecommerce is growing in India – and when consumers get a real deal, they flock it in numbers. Timesdeal.com’s recent mobile recharge deal witnessed over 50k orders in a single day!

A few days back Google Android’s app market touched 10 billion downloads – Here is a deeper look at it!

A look at some really interesting and Awesome Online, Social & Mobile Statistics on Indian Consumers!

Kolaveri Di has witnessed unexpected success and has been rage with people across India as well as globally. The song has witnessed 2.1 Lakh downloads on Airtel network alone!

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: UID online appnts, Funding deals, Airtel Africa subscribers, Barista free internet & more…

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