Google Android’s 10 Billion Downloads broken down – India not so app’ed [Infographic]


A few days back Google reached 10 Billion Android App downloads – The Android App market has been growing faster than its rival Apple’s Mobile App Market. It is also expected that number of Android apps will cross number of iOS apps in next couple of months.

Looking at the numbers – Android Market had 319,161 active applications as compared to 459,589 for Apple App Store by end of 3rd quarter of 2011 (Sept. end).

These 320k odd android apps have been downloaded over 10 billion times – Google shared a brief breakdown of these numbers in form of a Infographic, which give you an idea of What, When, How, where and who of Android App World.

Interesting to note is, out of Top 10 most app crazed countries, India does not figure in the list. India probably has some of the cheapest Android phones in the world and smartphone numbers are also one of the highest. Still we are not that App crazy.

Google’s 10 Billion Android App Downloads


Here is something for you – Photobucket Mobile was the 10 billionth downloaded app on Android market.

Also, Google is celebrating these milestone with 10 day celebration and are offering some really cool paid apps for an awesome price of  10-cents on Android Market. You can follow which apps are promoted each day on +Android, our Google+ page.

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  2. Now every one is having android mobile phones,so offcourse downling will be more

  3. List Of Desi Models says

    Very big Transformation

  4. Debarshi Sharma says

    Nice post..

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  5. Rohit says

    I just love Android market. Think of any application and android market has the answer. Also the applications are very useful. Still Android users are very less in India but in future people will know the potential of Android.

  6. Anil says

    It is not that Indians are not aware of Android’s potential. It is because of crappy EDGE speeds + highly priced 3G + not everyone has WiFi router at home.

    Instead Android should have out-of-box reverse USB feature which HTC phones have. Using this they can use internet on phone via internet on PC.

  7. Sachin Naik says

    Dear Arun,

    Though India has cheapest Android phones, the import data shows they are not being sold in big numbers. And the general Indian public is yet to understand the Android potential.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Absolutely right – The thing is, penetration of Android phones is there…but Indians are not using it to full potential. Many take Android mobiles but dont even know that they have thousands of apps that they can use..

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