Benefits of reading ebooks over traditional hard covers!


Many small and large bookstores alike are facing difficult times and are on the verge of closing down. And one of the major reason has been the proliferation of Ebook readers. Amazon’s Kindle has become so popular with readers, that they now cant stay away from it. One of my friends who is a voracious reader termed his Kindle as “book reading on steroids”. 

In countries like US and UK, most of them are aware of e-book readers, but here is India there are many who are still unaware of it. So for benefit of those who still are not aware of advantages of reading E-books, here is a run-down for you.

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The benefit of reading ebooks over hardcovers with regards to portability is literally a no brainer. Carrying one simple light-weight device that can read a host of ebooks on your travels sounds much easier than carrying 10 full sized bulky novels, doesn’t it? Most ebook readers come in sizes and shapes that are easy to carry around in pockets, bags or backpacks.

Get access to any book at any time

As long as you have an internet connection and an account to make purchases from portals like, you can virtually have access to all available ebooks at the click of a button. No longer will you need to worry about the delivery time or be bothered about going to a book store yourself to buy a hardcover. You won’t even need to worry about holidays or store opening and closing times. Even if you feel like reading a book at midnight, simply buy an ebook and you are good to go!


People with spectacles and restrained eye sight have a reason to rejoice. Popular ebook readers come equipped with options that allow readers to increase font size. No longer do people with poor eyesight need to strain to read the tiny fonts of a hardcover.

Moreover, most ebook readers also have anti glare features (like Kindle’s e-ink display), which will make reading a pleasant experience even when you are on a beach or directly under the sun. Unlike a hardcover where you will require daylight or a well lit environment to read, you can even read your ebook in low light or total darkness, depending upon the available settings of your device.

Never lose your books again

You can misplace your valuable, expensive hardcover at a station or a cafe. But with ebooks, you can store a downloaded copy of an ebook on a cloud storage system, subject to compatibility and features of your device. This will allow you to retrieve your ebook copy even if the files from your own handheld device are deleted. Essentially, you can carry complete catalogue of your books on a simple light-weight device.

No storage worries

If you are a voracious reader with a passion for reading books, you may have an entire wall of shelves in your house filled with books. If this sounds like you, an ebook will be extremely beneficial for you because all your books will be stored in one single and convenient handheld device. Depending upon the technical specifications of the ebook reader or enabled device that you buy, you may be able to store in excess of 2000 books with only 4GB of space.


How long will you take if you are trying to find a particular line that you loved, in a 500 page hardcover? This is your typical example of trying to find a needle in a haystack. In contrast, many ebook readers come with the search option which let you simply type in a search query. This will directly take you to the page where you will find what you are looking for. Great for people doing research and assignments, isn’t it?

Environment friendly

Unlike its hardcover counterpart, no trees will be directly felled to aid the publishing of an ebook. This may be a massive benefit of reading an ebook for environmentally conscious readers.

So, if you are into reading lots of books, try out e-book readers and you will be happy you did! And by the way, if you are thinking e-book readers may be expensive, they are not. Latest generation of Amazon Kindles start for as low as Rs. 5500/-!

  1. Jeevan Rama says

    One Book for Life Success offers so much of wisdom – just awesome.

  2. Rohit says

    You are right that when we need certain information, we can get it immediately by downloading an ebook. But still the reading experience comes only if I have a book in my hand (for me atleast).

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    I still remember when as kids, we were taught how to hold a book in your palm and which fingers to be where. We were even taught how to flip a page elegantly.
    Some habits are of no use in present times.
    We were not allowed scientific calculators in exams. We used to carry log and antilog books to make calculations.
    After started working on computers, we stopped writing except for a remark or a comment and sign and the hand writing is also suffering.
    Though we over look the small changes, if we combine them all, it looks weird.

  4. Guess Diana says

    I agree with these reasons, because it’s much easier to read on an e-reader and these days are many sites where to download this kind of books. In my opinion, the portability is the most important thing and we can take this device everywhere with us. It’s great that there are sites like All you can books, where we can find many eBooks to download.

  5. James Greg says

    Its true, ebooks have opened a huge variety of choices and portability where one has nothing to worry about weight and forgetting where he last kept his book. It has revolutionized the reading experience and now people are more interested to read.

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