Top 10 Trends India witnessed in 2011!


2011 witnessed quite a few new trends in 2011 – Anti-corruption trend was the biggest which shook the whole country. The ruling congress government did not expect the Jan Lokpal to assume such gigantic proportions. The Anna Hazare movement against corruption was sort of the tipping point which woke up the whole nation. For sporting fanatics it was India’s debut at hosting Formula One Championships in the country that made the whole country proud.


Trending: Anti-Corruption Movement [Jan Lokpal Bill]

The anti-corruption movement gained strong momentum in India in 2011. Anna Hazare began his hunger strike in April 2011 and has not looked back since then. The leader has received support from the masses that have become more aware of what they should expect from a government. Corruption is now becoming a no-no for modern India.

Trending: Fierce Internet User Growth in India

No longer will anyone appear clueless when you talk about the internet in India. A study by the Internet and Mobile Association of India revealed that India has crossed 100 million internet user landmark and is expected to jump to 121 million by December 2011. To give you all an idea of the massive proportions of this number, the total population of Australia is about 22.8 million! The Indian citizen is slowly becoming a netizen and internet has now become a household word.

What’s more, the pace of growth is expected to remain for next few coming years – even with 100 million internet users, India still has a internet user density of less than 10%

Trending: Mobile number portability

The telecom sector in India was set to witness a new trend in the mobile sector when PM Manmohan Singh launched Mobile Number Portability in India. This new trend allowed Indian mobile users to change their service providers for a fee of less than Rs. 19, without having to lose their numbers.

Trending: E-commerce in India

Online insurance, online shopping, banking, payments, online tickets, online business models and many other forms of virtual transactions are trending in India. A report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India pegged a growth of 47%, bringing the total value of e-commerce in India to an estimated Rs. 47,000 crore in 2011. That’s not surprising because Indian buyers are now turning to established websites like,, and many other shopping portals for their online shopping needs.

Trending: Rise of the young entrepreneurs

The 21st century Indian youth have taken a leap forward and have started setting up shop even before they finish studying. Apart from the IITians and graduates from the IIMs, students from non-metropolitan and middle class background are giving entrepreneurship a chance. One important reason is also that as a whole our Indian society is changing and is becoming more conducive to entrepreneurship!

Trending: India debuts in the Grand Prix

A sport which was in the pipeline for India to host from many years finally made its debut in the Buddh International Circuit on 30th October 2011. Airtel was the primary sponsor and the race was held in Greater Noida, with a track of approximately 5 kms laid out in the Jaypee Green Sports City.

Jaypee group did a phenomenal job of not only completing the Formula One track on time, but also executed the entire race flawlessly making Indians really proud!

Trending: Laptops and tablets

With the introduction of Aakash by MHRD, the Rs. 1,750 tablet in October 2011, the tech savvy India is suddenly moving from bulky desktops to tablet PCs and laptops. This trend of moving to smaller devices is not only being seen amongst the urban rich but also in the middle class and semi-urban areas. People using such handheld devices in trains and buses is no longer a rare sight now-a-days.

Trending: Small cars in India

The Indian population has suddenly taken a liking to small cars, and why not! With petrol prices going through the roof, small cars in India have regained popularity. Hyundai recorded a growth of more than 25% in sales for November 2011, only driven by its small car mainstay – the i10 at 29% of total sales and the new Eon at 21% of total sales for November 2011.

And with middle class too buying cars in big numbers, India is set to become the 3rd largest light vehicle market in the world by 2020!

Trending: Twitter & Facebook Growth in India

The entire nation kept track and was updated by the Bachchan clan about Aishwarya’s pregnancy via Twitter. It was June 21 when Sr. Bachchan tweeted that he was going to become a grandparent. Amitabh Bachchan’s twitter page received more than 2,800 messages in less than half an hour. Indians have taken Twitter and the art of tweeting very seriously in 2011 and almost all celebrities and notable personalities have a Twitter page to keep their fans updated. Airtel, one of the largest Telecom services providers in the country has even offered free Twitter services to its subscribers until March 2012!

Along with Twitter, Facebook’s popularity in India has also been stellar to say the least. No one remembers Orkut anymore – its Facebook all the way! In first of this year alone, over 11 million Indians joined the Facebook Bandwagon!

Trending: Hollywood comes to Bollywood

With Shahrukh Khan roping in Akon for ‘Chammak Challo’, Shakira and Lady Gaga giving live performances, Parish Hilton launching her line of purses and bags and Tom cruise arriving in India on Anil Kapoor’s invitation to promote MI:2, there’s no looking back. Gone are the days of Indians aspiring to go to Hollywood. It’s Jai Ho all the way!

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