Top 10 Negative News India witnessed in 2011!


Like we mentioned earlier, we will be carrying out recap of 2011 on different subjects, so here is our second post in the series. Its good to take off negative news off the table first, and so here it is – The Top negative news of 2011 that millions of Indians sad and angry!


2011 Mumbai bombing

Mumbai gained more notoriety for being a target of terrorist attacks again in July 2011 when 3 explosions went off in Dadar, Zaveri Bazaar and the Royal Opera House. 26 innocent lives were lost and the financial hub of the country once again, reeled in pain and faced the wrath of terror.

Stock markets crash to a 2 year low

Call it the big plunge or call it bloodbath, the stock market in India plummeted and closed at 15,699 on 23rd November 2011, the lowest close in two years. The Sensex also witnessed one of the biggest single day falls in nearly two years, of 704 points in February 2011.

Sathya Sai Baba passes away

Devoted followers and the country mourned the death of one of India’s most well known spiritual leaders. Sathya Sai Baba, 85, reportedly died due to cardio-respiratory failure. Well known personalities, celebrities and politicians payed homage to the spiritual leader at his home town of Puttaparthi.

India experiences tremendous fuel hikes

While fuel hikes in India are fairly common under political pretexts, they’re definitely not welcome. 4th November 2011 saw the fourth oil price hike of the year 2011, with an increase of Rs. 1.82 per liter. [Note: Here’s how you can beat the hike]

M.F. Husain passes away

M.F. Husain’s name is synonymous with the Indian art scene. The fact that Husain’s paintings were highly prized were not enough to save this artist from exile during which he spent the last few years of his life in Dubai and London. M.F. Husain died on 9th June 2011 due to a silent heart attack. He was 97.

Shammi Kapoor passes away

Dubbed as one of the most entertaining actors of Bollywood and a star of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Shammi Kapoor passed away on 14th August 2011. Bollywood mourned the death of this iconic member of the Kapoor clan who lost the battle to kidney failure.

India falls in Global Corruption Index

Corruption Index? Yes, a firm called Transparency International publishes yearly the Corruptions Perceptions Index in which India fell from 87 to 95. This is definitely not good news as India Inc tries to woo foreign investors with FDI in retail and is a big blow to efforts by the Anna Hazare movement.

Rupee falls to an all time low against the dollar

In a crushing blow to the Indian currency, the Indian Rupee plummeted to an all time low against the US Dollar on 22nd November 2011 at 52.50 to a dollar. While the ministries and governments are blaming uncertainties in foreign markets and expect the exchange rate to correct itself in the coming months, importers are facing the wrath of higher prices.

Corporate India shows bad signs of growth

Corporate India has shown single digit growth towards the end of the year. This has been the worst in all the quarters until now. Rising costs of raw materials, interest rates and commodities are said to be blamed for the same.

Major restrictions placed on Indian Paypal users

If you were merrily earning dollars through your Paypal account until now, the new restrictions on PayPal effective 1st March 2011 must have surely meant bad news for you. You cannot receive payments that exceed 500 dollars per transaction. Users must also transfer all the money received to their Indian bank account within 7 days.

There you have it – The top 10 negative news that Indians had to bear in 2011. We hope we do not have any additions to these in remainder of 2011 days. Let us know if we missed out any important negative.

Always remember, that these are our opinion about top negative news, you may have a difference opinion!

  1. Madhurima M Dhar says

    y hv'nt u people mention abt d match fixing thing nd abt d scams? is'nt dat negative?

  2. Shahee Randheer Kumar says

    hi I am rajeev.

  3. Bulbul says

    We lost Dev Anand….The most bad news… every thing after his death going bad 4 me….lena hoga janam aapko kai-kai baar…..He was more than Lord Ramji and Krishnen ji….he was the besstttstststststtststststststst and will 4ever remain in our heart

  4. susanta says

    i think the most negative news in the year 2011 is the fire accident in AMRI hospital, kolkata. And yes we can not forget the ANNA Movement…

  5. Shankar NS says

    I think the worst negative news was not news at all because it was not seen or heard. I’m talking about the utter inaction and lethargy of our leaders in the face of the mega scams, failing economy and increasing problems.

  6. Stocks Tips Intraday says

    Great compilation!
    Year 2011 has encountered lots of bad news specially economy related and corruption related which led India’s image down on international level also.
    But i am optimistic about 2012, lets get ready for a fresh start where we can resolve issues like corruption, Stock markets crash, Inflation etc.. and hope for the best.

  7. sheetal says

    Yes 2011 is a bad year for all of us as we lost so many Well known Public Persons. For me personally Dev Anada, Jagjit singh, Shammi Kapoor and M F Husain’s death was the shocking. Also the slow Indian Economy is a result in the US dollar getting stronger. Also The important part of 2011 was Anna Hazera’s Movement for Lokpall Bill

  8. Nikhil Ambekar says

    Sathya Sai Baba passes away: why this is included in the list? what positive impact he had made on the society ?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      I also agree with you – But like I said, this list is subjective. This is Kaushambi’s article and there are probably millions of his followers who may think that it is a big loss!

      For me Dev Anand’s and Jagjit Singh’s passing away should have taken precedence over SSB… but thats what opinions are and I respect everyone’s opinions :)

  9. Rohit says

    For me, the most shocking news was the death of legends like Shammi Kapoor, Jagjit Singh and the latest Dev Anand. All other news can be converted into positive but we can’t find those Gems again.

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