Barista starts offering Free internet for its Customers !


This is going to be music to ears for thousands of people who need a place to work when they are not in office. I remember, in 2008, when I came back from US, for first few months I was working out of Café Coffee Day outlets.

CCD café’s were ideal places to get together, meet clients or just sit and work on your laptop without much worry! Their staff never bothered you. However, there was a major issue – The internet access used to be super expensive. If I remember correctly, it was something like Rs. 50 for half hour (or something like that). That would work out very expensive and I would end up spending over Rs. 200 in a single day and still the internet access would never be enough.

However, looks like the paid internet days at Café are over. According to the announcement by Barista Lavazza, they will be offering free Wi-Fi internet connectivity to their customers across all their cafés. Barista has tied-up with Spectranet to provide this service!

Barista Lavazza

This is a great move – The younger generation in India is hooked online and majority of Barista customers fall in that demographic. Getting free internet would surely attract the younger crowd, especially because most of them now-a-days carry smartphones which can carry out multitude of tasks on Internet.  This will also be a boon to professionals who need to work from outside office.

This new initiative by Barista Lavazza is part of their larger strategy of aggressively tapping into the social media space and connecting with their customers.

It is going to be interesting to see how other Café Chains like Café Coffee Day & others react to this. According to me, they don’t have an option but to create free hot-spots. The advantages of offering Free internet access are far too many to not do it.

What’s your take?

  1. Aditi Malik says

    There is nothing better than a Good Friend, Great Conversation and a Hot Cup of Coffee.

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  2. Child Tracker says

    This is indeed a GREAT move and a perfect way to engage and attract more customers.

  3. Sachin More says

    Yeah I agree others will follow I bet. Thanks for post…

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    In 2008, I saw free internet in some fast food places like Mc Donalds in Singapore. At that time it looked out of the world but later when I thought I realized that it was a nice idea.

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