Weekly Wrap-up:IMEI blocking, USD Rupee rate, Credit score online, Social Media hiring, Retail FDI & more…


Here is a wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week published on Trak.in & TGF.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Airline Woes, FB Paypal App, Indian Deal Sites, Chromebooks, Online Ad Rates & more…

In Western Countries, Defense dept. have successfully re-branded themselves through movies like “Top Gun” & “Black Hawk Down”. Here are Rebranding strategies from the Military!

The process of hiring is moving from a traditional passive approach to a more modern active one. Recruiters have started using social media aggressively for hiring purposes.

I feel sorry for Pakistani Mobile users, the new directive by Pakistani Telecom Authority is bordering ridiculousness – They have banned 1600 words to be used while sending SMSes. Although, it was going to come in effect last Monday, luckily the decision has been deferred.

I guess you will stop worrying about lost or stolen mobiles going forward. TRAI has given recommendations where Operators can block mobiles based on their unique IMEI numbers.

Social Media is no more good-to-have but a must-have marketing channel – However, according to a recent survey Indian CMOs have not kept pace with changing times – They find themselves awfully short on Social Media preparedness!

And, not only companies, it has also become very important for individuals to create a strong social Media presence. Here are 5 ways of managing an online brand called ‘YOU’!

You think Government Jobs are Passé? Think again… Here are the advantages of taking up a Government job instead of a private sector job!

Google Transit maps / routes / directions have been boon to thousands of commuters in India. Now Google Transit has extended its offering to cover Navi Mumbai, Kalyan & Thane as well!

Here is a snapshot of all the funding deals happened between 14th Nov to 20th 2011.

There is a definite slowdown in India’s economy which was flying high quite high past few years – But what can this slowdown be attributed to ? Policy inaction or Globalization effect?

The rupee has been taking a beating – last week Rupee- Dollar exchange rate touched a all time low rate of Rs. 52.20 and is still hovering there! Good news for exporters but not so much for importers!

If you are a professional, one thing you must really take seriously is updating your profile on Linkedin. Here are important things to keep in mind while updating your Linkedin Profile.

One of the biggest thing come out last week was that now individuals can very easily order  their credit scores online through CIBIL website!

India has increased interest rates 13 times in last 18 months and it looks like they have peaked now. Most analysts are hoping that interest rates will go down from here on!

Here is a great infographic that lets you know 7 signs that your Star Employee is searching another Job!

Indian Authorities have sanctioned a plan to develop 48 cities in India as Solar Cities!


The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Airline Woes, FB Paypal App, Indian Deal Sites, Chromebooks, Online Ad Rates & more…

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