7 Signs your Star Employee is searching another Job! [Infographic]


One of the biggest setbacks for a company, especially a startup or a small-sized company is when one of its star employees decides to leave. The cost of replacing an employee is very high, and it can cause a serious dent if the he / she is one of the best employees in your company.

In most cases, you will be able to gather cues if an employee plans to leave your organization. Folks at Mindflash have created an great infographic that shows how losing and replacing even one employee can cost your business significant money and time. One of the most important aspect of HR function is to figure out how to keep the Rockstar employee satisfied and engaged.

7 Signs your Star Employee is searching another Job!

mindflash-rockstar-employee-leaving-c5 (1)

Hopefully this nifty infographic will help you in reading those early signs and addressing before you rockstar employee decides to say goodbye to your company.

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