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10 Advantages Of Government Jobs Over Private Sector Jobs

[Last Update – June 2014]

For most middle class Indians, there has been one perpetual dilemma – whether to go for a private sector job or the government sector job. In last couple of decades private sector jobs came in vogue, before which Government job was the ultimate prize for a job seeker.

Looks like we are back to the times where Government jobs are starting to get attractive again. This article here discusses the advantages of the government jobs over private sector jobs.

Although the government jobs have often been seen as the one with relatively lesser monetary benefits but with the advent of 6th pay commission, the scenario has changed for good.

Earlier, Indians were more inclined towards the private sector jobs, but now, the belief in public sector’s jobs even by the young generation is increasing.

Government jobs vs private sector jobs

Advantages of Government Sector Jobs over Private Sector

1.) Job Security

The biggest advantage of Government job is “Job Security”.

Private sectors are prone to layoffs and we have very well witnessed such layoffs in the past during the time of recession. Whereas, in government sectors the situation of the employees more or less remained same and the job positions remained intact.

2.) Pay Structure

Now the next significant factor would that be of the pay structure, as it is a very important factor for any job-searching individual. After the introduction of the 6th pay commission, the pay, which a government employee gets, is in par with the corporate sector and I don’t think that you would have anything to complain about here!!

3.) Working Hours

Personally I think the next factor an employee would scratch his head over is of the number of working hours he / she has to input and that is a big plus over private sector. In government sector jobs, there are standard working hours, unlike private sector ones, where an individual has to do overtime against ones wishes (many time without any benefits as well). And if at all situation demands a government employee to do overtime, then he / she is entitled to attractive overtime benefits.

4.) Promotions

An important factor, which any job seeker would take in account, is the promotional benefits. In government jobs, promotion is always based on the service period hence, the longer you work, and higher are the promotional opportunities. Obviously, this can be called as advantage as well as disadvantage because for someone who is above average may not be able to grow faster than his average counterparts

5.) Benefits & Perks

Next comes the benefit & perks a Government employee gets. For government jobs, many benefits such as retirement benefits, pension plans and funds exist moreover benefits such as medical, housing, loans, childcare etc. are also available. While some large private sector companies do offer such benefits, majority of them don’t offer except for mandatory ones.

Retirement becomes a factor and in the later part of our career and the retirement age of 60 years and in some cases of 58 years ensures longevity of an individual’s career.

6.) Work Stress

Government sector jobs are not at all stressful when compared to the jobs in private sector. The work load in governments jobs even if high would have more than enough time frame to complete it in the best manner possible unlike that of private sector jobs.

And here are some additional ones as well.

7.) More facilities – Government jobs provide more facilities like internet, telephone subscription, LTC. While the quality of the services is debateable, it is nonetheless and advanatge

8.) Inevitable salary increment – In government jobs your salary will increase which will have no correlation with your performance. While it is great if you are hard-working, increments happen whether are not you perform. So, for over-achievers, it may be actually a dis-advantage, but if you are an average performer, this is great.

9.) More holidays – There are more Government holidays in Government jobs compared to private sector. In addition you also have a 5 day work week. To add to all this, you also have certain amount of paid holidays in a year.

10.) Respect - If you are a government employee then you will get respect from a subset of government employees and people because of your position and power. 

To conclude, the main benefits of working with government organizations is the reputation associated with it on a whole as well as the numerous opportunities coming up in recent times due to stellar growth of Indian Economy.

Also, I would like to highlight that Private Sector jobs do have their own advantages as well, and in many cases a Government job may not be right for an individual.

Would love to hear your comments on this!

[This is a guest post has been contributed by Vaibhav Deshpande]

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  1. no doubt gov jobs are best, but it requires a lot of dedication and hardwork to get into it. if a private sector employee earns 5 crore p.a. and marries katrina kaif, still he can’t earn reputation and respect that an IAS, defence officers have

  2. Hi, nice topic, it not only gives awareness about the government job, but also it gives inspiration to get the governement job, but those people who think that they are genius and talented please dont try to get the governement job, your life will became screwed up.

    • Hi Harsha, People who are genius and talented only can get the government jobs. Not all can get those jobs. Because it is very difficult to get the government job, so everyone is getting into the private sector and it is easy to get into the private job for the people who are not talented and also who failed in b-tech also gets the private job. Please don’t underestimate about the government jobs..saying that we can’t learn anything..if we have interest we can learn anywhere it should be either private or government job…that doesn’t matter

    • privet sector job is also important fos us and also for our country

  3. rajasekhar reddy

    Hi Experts, Your suggestions are very ..good,,,i have one doubt … I am working in IBM.. i fed up with if filed..my age is 24 , now i have to move Government job. Please suggest me my suggestion is correct or not.

  4. Sir, very Intresting Topic…. I have worked in private sector for 9 years… I have much money, BUT no time for ME and my FAMILY.. Even for Leave, there is always tension, JOB RESPONSIBILITY in private sector changed day by day,,, Engineer student is responsible for cleaning the floor as such stupid job is given in private sector….24 Hrs job….phone calls continue in night also…you cant plan for Holiday due to uncertain work given by your boss…….in last i think opening shop is better than the private job due to no time table for personnal life…What means of MONEY if you have not time for family….?? there is no WORK and FAMILY LIFE balance.. Now I am in govt job I have sufficient time for my family and my friends…I can plan for Holiday in advance… so please try for Govt job first….

  5. Vikas Kumar Taank

    And there is a power in the government sector which you will not get in private sector like Income Tax Officer, District Magistrate (I.A.S), etc. You will not have facilities like Defence in private sector.

  6. very interesting topic, you choose security,because of your socialconditioning from your parents and sociaty. Happines comes in life from jobsatisfication .govt job kills you slowly make you slow deppresed, govt job sucks you slowly security is an illusin and life only brave people live you enjoy life when you learn newthings travel more and only private jobs this all are easily ,

  7. govt jobs are more secure

    • yes real govt jobs more secure but if not intrested in our work and don’t fallow rulls& reguletions thats way to no improved our knowledge and skills and we r not get in good positions.

  8. In pvt sector there is lot of harassment & exploitation of Employees. Govt job is govt job

  9. I Have a govt job , i was a teacher in private sector, believe me govt job offers more security in future, but i lost my peace of mind. Happiness is important. If you love what you do then it doesnt matter weather its a Govt or private job.

  10. being a doctor i am in government service for past three years and enjoyed a good salary but i lost my dreams and my targets in these three years and now i am out of it and feel sure i wil make my dreams come true .

    • Hi Priya You took the right decision, We should live life and dreams don’t give a damn to what people say. though i have a lot of people from my family telling me that i should not quit a govt job.

      • Dear Syed, I am too a govt employee in CAG. Earlier I was in private company (IT sector). Believe me you should compare your life and career otherwise( in private sector) before you take a decision. I am really very very happy in govt service. You shouldn’ compare yourself with a doctor directly. I was in IT sector for six long years. It SUCKS!!

        • Arun Prabhudesai

          @Pawan – That is very interesting answer… But I tend to agree…earlier, Govt. jobs did not pay too well… but the situation is different now…after fifth pay commission, Government jobs have been paying quite well…and the benefits you get after retirement are far more valuable…in comparison to private jobs..that do not offer anything..

        • Hi, I have 3 years of It experience and i want to go for central govt job, please suggest me how i can achieve it. Thanks Mahesh

  11. I thing both jobs are better bcz if u r intelijent then u can enjoy in both job.

  12. govt. sector is best b'coj this job is stable…….

  13. I would like to proposed to the government sectors only

  14. whatever job you do whether it is a govt or private nothing is higher than your happiness and the peace of mind…

  15. If we live life in better way then private job is far better in spite of govt.job.

  16. Sanath B Gowda

    Always The Power / Reputation are the Greartest things… which is there in Govt jobs,,,

  17. Sudhanshu Kumar

    public sector job is best due to job security….

  18. Anupama Verma

    private job is good…

  19. Best article vaibhav… I like it. Government jobs help their servant in recession also. There is no guarantee in private sector for the same.

  20. i’think its depends on the person to person if a person have a talent than he go for private sectore and he’s also satisfie of the salary package and no need to grow he should apply for the govement job. if goverment job has a banefit so private job also a benefit to improving ur self.

    • manish kumar vishwakarma

      Bt mam wht abt them who are working under the officers or the boss They are not capable to get good job they dont have salary package as you told who will provide these type of packages to a irrlitele person. Can you tell me this please :P

  21. Sebastian Islary

    Doing jobs depends on person to person. However, being a private job holder I wl prefer Private one just for some reason..if u hav demag… (2 show his or her talent and get promoted & highly paid),,, agree with me. 4 dis, Our good doctors, engineers, scientists etc..desires to go, settle & work in Capitalist countries.

  22. I believe no matter how high is the salary in private sector is government jobs are far better than private sector jobs just because of the job security you have……..

  23. Government job doesn’t even deserve to compare with corporate jobs

  24. Private jobs have various benefits but lack job security. Same is the reason of more inclination of candidates towards Govt. sector. After the recession it has increased a lot.

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