Weekly Wrap-up: Airline Woes, FB Paypal App, Indian Deal Sites, Chromebooks, Online Ad Rates & more…


Here is a wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week published on Trak.in & TGF.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Google+ Pages, Internet User Growth, DND implementation, Inflation, India Growth & More…

On Children’s Day last week, Google Homepage was adorned by a Doodle created by a Indian student, who won the Doodle for Google contest themed “India’s gift to the world”!

Twitter is just not limited to sharing of messages or expressing your thoughts in 140 characters, but a serious platform where brands really make a difference to themselves.

Last week has been abuzz with news of Kingfisher’s tough times and for Airline Industry in general. But woes of these Indian Airline operators are not a case of food poisoning, but bad eating habits!

India has a big expat community and it is very evident from the fact that Indian news websites have been consistently witnessing surge in International Traffic – majority of these readers are Indians who have settled abroad, but like to keep abreast with what is going on back home!

If you spend time on internet even in-frequently, you should know how you should stay safe online and how you should protect your privacy [Google Good to Know].

Here is a quick look at previous week’s Funding & investment deals [7th Nov – 13th Nov 2011]

If you are small business owner or an entrepreneur just starting off and want to get your website up & running quickly, Free Online Website Builders is the way to go!

So many deal & discount websites have come up in past year or so, that one has lost count of it. But do they really have a sustainable long-term business?

Crowd-sourcing not only works, but if done properly, like Lufthansa did it recently – it helps in bringing the client community together !

Here is a good news for internet addicts, Google’s chromebook will soon be hitting the stores in India!

Although average online advertising rates in India have seen a surge in past couple of years, it is still ranked lowly 66th as compared to its global peers!

Blackberry has been on a downhill among consumer segment for a long time, however, recent reports suggest that they are loosing big-time even with their stronghold enterprise segment!

It’s a shame that only 7% of all Indian internet users have broadband, one of the lowest in the world!

India is growing fiercely and it is evident from the fact that 11 Indian cities make up in the list of 50 fastest growing cities in the world!

Paypal’s new Facebook App allows you to send money to your Facebook Friends completely free!

Are you bootstrapping your startup – Then you must read this!

And if you are teenager, who is interested in coding, you must enter Google Code-in contest. You may stand a chance to win a trip to Google’s US Headquarters!


The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Google+ Pages, Internet User Growth, DND implementation, Inflation, India Growth & More…

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