Google Chromebooks will soon hit Indian shores!


Google Chromebook made quite a splash when it was launched earlier this year – it has been receiving  mixed reviews from the users that have started using it. Looks like they will soon be hitting Indian shores as well!

Sundar Pichai, SVP, Chrome and Apps, Google, has made a comment stating -  I would be very surprised if Chromebooks are not shipped in India by early 2012. We see India as a huge potential market for us,”.

If you are not aware, Chromebooks essentially are “Nothing but Web” device, that runs a Chrome Browser doubling up as a Operating System itself. Unlike, Netbooks and Laptops, it does not have a locally residing Operating System. Additionally, all the storage happens on the cloud, so it does not have a Hard Disk either.


These Chromebooks are targeted mostly at people who are continuously on the web. If a user does not need to run processor intensive applications, Chromebook looks like a very good fit.

Chromebooks are Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, so as soon it boots up, it immediately connects to your wireless network or Mobile Network (via 3G) so you’re on the web right from the start.

Google has partnered with Acer and Samsung to manufacture Chromebooks and are available on retail in USD 400 to USD 450 range. They had also announced earlier at the Google I/O conference that Chromebooks will be offered on a Monthly Subscriptions to students and Businesses at $20 and $28 respectively.

I am not sure if this scheme will be extended in India as well. But if it does, I am sure many will lap up these devices!

What is your take on Chromebooks? will you buy them?

  1. Rohit says

    The features are cool and even the device is not so costly. But as people are focusing more on “Aakash”, I don’t think this will go successful in India. Let’s wait and watch.

  2. Sandeep says

    Won’t the internet cost be extra ??

  3. Aniket Anant Motale says

    nw its really becoming app vs goog.

  4. Aniket Anant Motale says

    nw its really becoming app vs goog.

  5. Aniket Anant Motale says

    nw its really becoming app vs goog.

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