Lufthansa Cargo Wants To Crowdsource Business & Process Innovation [Contest]


From brainstorming to crowdsourcing, more and more companies are looking to tap into the collective intelligence of masses to solve their business problems.

Lufthansa Cargo has taken crowd-sourcing a step further and has created a public co-innovation platform primarily targeted at finding innovative solutions for its supply chain.

Lufthansa Cargo has launched Air Cargo Innovation Challenge and is inviting people from across the globe to submit their innovative ideas around key supply chain processes like Green Solutions, Add On Services etc. and even general process improvement ideas

The innovation challenge is essentially a crowdsourcing platform wherein Lufthansa Cargo is asking brilliant folks to think up innovative ideas to improve Lufthansa’s operations and get rewarded in return. The central theme of the contest makes me think that crowdsourcing could actually help the company find some real strategic ideas to implement.

I am firm believer in the power of crowdsourcing and if executed right the same can provide tangible benefits to businesses of all size. There are too many success stories which highlight the power of crowdsourcing be it Unilever’s  Pepperami campaign, Lays Ad campaign and even IBM’s translation project

Green solutions and Add-on services are two primary ideas wherein a larger set of people can participate and emerge with brilliant solutions. For Green solutions, the company may not have the best ideas emerge in-house but if there is a thought leader around Green solutions, he /she can submit their idea and Lufthansa can tap into a subject matter expert at minimal cost.

The same goes for  ‘Add on services’ wherein forget a large audience, the existing customers can themselves suggest new services and service improvements that they encounter on a daily basis while working with either Lufthansa Cargo or other carriers.

The contest which started on 1 Nov, 2011 is already seeing decent interest and as many as 31 ideas are submitted by various people. The overall community engagement is also rather positive with lots of comments and messages happening on the site.

What is also interesting is that the rewards are non-monetary in nature. The company is going to invite the top 3 winners to present their ideas to the corporate team at Lufthansa Cargo and provide a guided tour of the operations center.

So, the company is not going for too many idea approach (in lieu of rewards) but has rather tailored the contest to ensure that people who are passionate about the contest topic only submit their ideas.

What are your thoughts on Lufthansa Cargo’s innovation challenge? Are you going to be a part of this crowdsourced initiative

  1. Tanya Roy says

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  2. Hope Stewart says

    not outsourcing, but CROWDSOURCING… pretty much allowing the people that make your business possible to indirectly "run" the business- it's like stem cell research….WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS!

  3. Pooja Gupta says

    Very interesting!!

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