5 products that every small business owner or home office must have!


The concept of a ‘home office’ was new, until recently. The internet and social networking platforms have laid out means and ways for everyone to set up shop from the confines of their own apartments or bungalows.

But what separates the men from the boys is how professionally a home office set up or a small business environment is run, managed and equipped. The quality and range of equipment, stationery and other office products goes a long way in aiding to the success of such an office environment.

Here are some of the must have products for every small business office or Home Office .


Professional label printer or label maker

What do you generally do when you send out envelopes and other postage / parcels from your home office? Do you write your contact details at the back of the parcel with a black marker? While that is one option, another great idea is to buy a label printer or a label maker. This will allow you to quickly print a label which has the name of your company, your contact details and any other information. This office equipment is a must-have simply because it is a small price to pay for a professional edge that will not go unnoticed.

All-in-one printer, scanner and copier

Don’t even think of running to the nearest cyber cafe or Xerox shop to tend to your copying, printing and scanning needs. It’s just not worth it. An all in one printer-scanner-copier will let you print invoices, scan them, copy important documents and much more. This will save you delays and wasteful trips to the local shops. The other flip side of rushing to a local cyber cafe is that you will leave traces of important business documents on their system.


You may consider yourself the best of the lot when it comes to multi-tasking but there is nothing that beats the effectiveness of a post-it note. This simple yet power packed office product is a must-have on each and every home office desk.

Whether it is a spanking new idea that you want to quickly pen down or an important reminder about a call that you have to make, using post-it notes can save you a lot of trouble. Post-it notes may be the least expensive office product in this list but they score full marks in functionality, affordability and importance in a professional setup.

What’s more, your office too will look bright, cheery and full of ideas with multi coloured post its spread across your ‘thinking’ wall!


There are many who may think "Oh, who needs a laminator?" In fact, we all seem to overlook the importance of this office product simply because we don’t use it often. A laminator comes extremely handy when you want to send a laminated certificate, brochure, signs or simply protect important documents.

As opposed to common belief, laminators are not too expensive and some of the cheap yet good quality ones cost below Rs. 2,000. We think this is a small investment to make for a lasting impression, don’t you?

USB Hubs, multiple adaptors and card readers

Although these are treated to be those boring items that every office must have, you’ll be surprised to know that very few home offices actually keep them. That’s because these functional items are always taken from granted. "When will I ever use so many charge points?" or "I don’t require so many USB ports" and so on.

Being able to cater to cross platforms, whether it is using card readers for multiple cameras or lending an international adaptor to a client who may visit unexpectedly, can unknowingly earn you lot of brownie points.

Do you want to share any “Must have small office products” that you think are equally important?

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