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Penetration of Mobiles and specifically smartphones have changed the way we communicate and collaborate with the world. Infact, it has changed our lifestyle to a very large extent. Our reliance on mobile phones is growing day-by-day.

Google along with Market Research firm Ipsos and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have put together an excellent interactive site – OurMobilePlanet.com – that allow users to create many customized reports on smartphones usage trends across the globe. image

I personally spent about 30 minutes creating some custom reports and users can really get lot of insights and reports on smartphone usage. From simple reports like Smartphone penetration (given below) to complex reports about Smartphone Apps downloads and their usage can be be generated in matter of seconds.

Smartphone Penetration


Smartphone Apps installation and usage


This is a great initiative by Google – Infact, lot of information available on OMP is not available free anywhere, but Google is bringing them to us completely free of cost. Spend some time on OurMobilePlanet.com and let us know the reports that you have created.

Currently there are about 30 countries listed, but over a period of time I guess the data will grow and can serve as a central repository for anything that you may want to know about Mobiles and their usage.

Thanks Google for bringing this to us!

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  2. Ankan Kd says

    Very nice statistics! It’s interesting to see where this will all take us in a few more years.

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