iPhone 4S coming to India this November!


iPhone 4S will be hitting Indian shores officially or unofficially. That’s never the point of contention. The only real question is will Apple be launching it in India and if yes, when? As per iGyaan’s sources, iPhone 4S will be hitting Indian retails shelves as early as this November.


Some of the retailers are already selling iPhone 4S in India at  premium.

Apple’s products have a cult like image in India and are looked up as aspirational products, mainly because of high costs and partially owing to the esoteric way Apple does its business in India.

iPhone 4S launch will see mixed response in India and could actually see the lowest response in all its recently launched products including iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

The reason for this is simple.

iPhone 4S looks just like iPhone 4, costs as much as iPhone 4 and all 4S got is Siri.

You know Siri? The wicked assistant which knows everything about you if you are an American. Why would anyone be excited about it. Besides Siri might understand Indian accent but doesn’t understand the Indian context. To be sure, just ask Siri what Diwali is?

If you are planning to buy iPhone 4S in India, then I would recommend to read :  4 things to consider before buying iPhone 4S in India.

iPhone 4S in India is a more Yawn than Yay to me. But that’s just me. Let’s put this question to our readers.

Would you buy an iPhone just for Siri?

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  1. sheetal says

    Well i believe there is not difference between 4 and 4s. so i feel the price is not at all worth for 4s. I would rather wait for the next iphone launch and see the features of it.

    Coz only voice recognition system makes it different from other phones. And from the review I read The voice recognition system requires accurate ascent and tone in which u speak.

  2. Rohit Pujari says

    I'm lookin forward to buy iphone4…shall I wait for the launch of iphone 4s in india so iphone 4 prices crash a little bit….could you please help me out and what is the possible launch date for iphone 4s.

  3. Kushal Goenka says

    yes for 1os 5 for the 8 mp camera for siri and for the faster processor…..

  4. Jitendra Kumar says

    Siri is useless stuff for Indians. I asked weather and it understood Linda! Ver irritating. I hope they develop Siri for Indian accent too.

  5. Dhakkanz says

    I am also waiting for iPhone 4S to be launched in India. Not that I will buy 4S, but am waiting for iPhone 4’s prices to slash post launch of iPhone 4S ;-)

  6. Santosh Kumar says

    iphone 4s will be hitting Indian retails in 2012 march dis is true.

  7. Shubham Jain says

    I will buy for siri………..

  8. Rohit says

    You have already answered your question. Why anyone will go for iPhone 4S with Siri which is of no use to Indians?

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