Facebook Statistics, Funding & more [Infographic]


Did you know that over 400 million users login to Facebook everyday out of total subscriber base of over 800 million? Here is another fact – In 6 years, Facebook has received 2.34 billion dollars of funding (in 11 rounds). Sometimes, the kind of growth Facebook has witnessed seem out-worldly and untrue… but those are the facts!

Mashable has put together a great infographic that gives you a nice perspective of how Facebook has grown over years and various other interesting Facebook tid-bits that will give you a peek at how large Facebook really is.

Facebook in Numbers


Amazing…ain’t it!

  1. Gajanan says

    amazing infographic

  2. Pawan Yadav says

    its really interesting.

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  5. Gaurav Jain says

    Amazing overview..

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