Wow! Gmail to get a makeover & it looks awesome!


I am a big fan of Gmail – the innovations and improvements they have been bringing to the mail platform have made it one of the most popular web emails on the internet. Infact, even though they came into the game many years later than its peers Hotmail and Yahoo, their subscriber base is now not only catching up but going beyond them.

I have been personally using Gmail platform (on Google apps mail) for close to 5 years now, I have rarely found any fault with them – infact, they keep surprising me with constant and well thought out improvements.

My favorite feature of Gmail has been their Priority inbox – I can say, I am literally indebted to it for saving such a lot of my time. The Gmail priority inbox is so intelligent that it knows exactly what email is important to me and what is not, so I don’t have to spend time sifting through unnecessary emails.

And now, it seems Gmail is getting a big makeover and adding many new UI as well as under the hood features. According to a video published on Youtube by Google (apparently this video was not supposed to go live, but it did), the entire look & feel of Gmail is changing which is even more clean, simple and intuitive!


The new design will be fluid and will adopt to size of the window – and user has choice to set the density of email along with sizes of the different widgets available on the left of main Gmail body.

Also, emails will not be presented more as conversations – basically the mails that go back and forth many times will be more intuitive and easy to navigate. The search is also revamped and has some really advanced options.

Take a look at this video below in which, Gmail User Interface Designer, Jason talks about the new improvements coming to Gmail shortly

I am personally looking forward to this new Gmail interface…Are you?

  1. Raghav says

    this almost similar makeover exists from settings > themes > Preview (Dense)
    or Preview… hope u r aware of it.

  2. Rohit says

    After a long time this makeover has come and with new features as well. I think the change is limited to login screen right now but hopefully the full makeover will come soon.

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