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Last updated: January 7, 2015 at 10:26 am

Five Important Wall Street Q3 Results [Apple, Goldman, BoA, Citigroup, Yahoo]

Even as India Inc moves forward with its Q2 fiscal earnings, the top Wall Street companies are slowly oozing out with their Q3 results performance amid slowdown and deficit-reeling US economy.

While the global sentiment is mired by the unanimous downgrade of Spain’s creditworthiness by three credit rating agencies – Fitch Ratings, S&P and now even Moody’s; the Wall Street earnings have been no show-stealer amid mixed-bag of results with some banks doing well, while few others including Apple missing earnings forecast.

Wall Street

Let me summarize a few important Wall Street earnings performance over here:

Apple drags on lower iPhone sales

In a rare instance on missing its earnings forecast, Apple Inc reported a net profit of $6.62 billion (up 54% from $4.31 billion last year) on revenues of $28.3 billion, which came in a tad lower than Wall Street expectation of $30 billion, for its fiscal fourth quarter of this year.

At 17.7 million, Apple sold 21% more iPhones than last year during the July to September 2011 quarter, with no new next-generation iPhone and iPad releases. However, the iPhone sales fell short by 19% when compared with its previous quarter figures.

Goldman stutters with underwriting losses

Investment banker Goldman Sachs reported a quarterly loss of $428 million for the three months ended September 2011, run down by slump in its investment portfolio and fall in trading revenues. This was its second-ever quarterly loss in at least a decade, next only to post-Lehman era loss of $1.6 billion in Q4-2008.

Goldman’s net revenues came in at $3.59 billion, down 60% from $8.9 billion a year ago period. The Q3 results include $1.05 billion losses from investment in Industrial and commercial Bank of China. Its investment and lending business lost $2.48 billion during the quarter under review.

Bank of America prospers with one-time gains

Bank of America, the second biggest US bank by assets next only to JP Morgan Chase, posted a net profit of $6.23 billion. Revenues recorded a growth of 6% to $28.7 billion mostly led by one-time accounting gains related to debt valuations.

In the race to claim position of top-most American bank, Bank of America came in second with its $2.22 trillion in assets, behind JP Morgan Chase’s which reported assets of $2.29 trillion in this latest quarter.

Citigroup in the pink of health

Citigroup posted positive Q3 results with net income of $3.77 billion, up 74% from $2.17 billion in the corresponding quarter last year, backed by lower losses from loans and $1.9 billion from credit valuation adjustment gains.

Citigroup, which is fourth largest US bank, posted revenues of $20.8 billion, almost at par with its revenues clocked in the year-ago period. The bank’s losses from bad loans came down by 41% during the July-September quarter to $4.5 billion.

Yahoo beats estimates

Internet portal Yahoo announced its third quarter results with dwindling sales and profitability, led by growing prominence of social media platforms and Google search products. Yahoo Inc posted Q3 profit of $293 million, with search queries showing tepid growth.

Revenues for the third quarter came in at $1.07 billion, down 4.5% from $1.12 billion recorded last year for the September-end quarter. The revenues exclude traffic acquisition costs. The internet giant is aiming for more business partnerships to target growing monetization.

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  • These figures are a kind of real relief for global market and specially for US markets but Asian markets are still looking more promising .

  • These results are certainly pacifying for the global markets but i guess a lot more is yet to come for the markets having said that the Occupy Wall Street movement is getting stronger with each passing day, these could possibly hit the markets for a while and companies earnings as well.

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