Weekly Wrap-up: New Telecom Policy, Starbucks entry, Paypal India flip-flop & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week that were published on trak.in & TGF.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Aakash Tablet, Steve Jobs, Kingfisher LCC Business, Mobile Boarding Passes & more…

So here is a good news for all the coffee connoisseurs, Starbucks is finally coming to India in partnership with Tata Coffee. I am personally looking forward to this.

One of the biggest news last week was release of new draft telecom policy 2011 by Indian Government. Here are some of the highlights of this new Telecom Policy 2011.

Social Media has now gone mainstream – not only with individuals, but with businesses as well. A Business now cannot afford not be on Social Media!

Another much talked about subject last week was Paypal India’s announcements. First it mentioned that it will be auto-reversing all the payments (above USD 500) done since March 2011. But later they made a complete “U” turn by declaring that the limit has actually been increased by the to USD 3000 for accepting payments in Paypal account!

OK – if you are working, this particular article will help you a lot – Tips to make yourself stand-out in an organization!

Gamification is the in-thing now and Enterprises are adopting Gamification in unique ways in their organization to increase efficiency and productivity!

Flipkart has made a foray into digital media distribution business by acquiring Mime360 – I guess it is probably aiming to follow the footsteps of Amazon by launching music download section!

We are still struggling with 3g services in India – but there are already talks that India will witness 4G as early as January 2012

Are you using Youtube effectively for your business? if not you are missing out on a very strong marketing tool. Check out these 5 tips for using Youtube effectively for your business.

Pune is a growing technology hub, it has one of the biggest & most vibrant tech communities in India – Here are the reasons why every tech conference should be in Pune!

Here is good news for Indians – You can buy Amazon Touch & Amazon Kindle Fire tablet right here in India. These much sought after devices can now be pre-ordered from Indiaplaza.com

Here is a very interesting infographic for you – What it takes to get a job at Google!

You want to know which colleges offer best MBA programmes in the world? Here are the Top 20 Global MBA Programmes In 2011

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Aakash Tablet, Steve Jobs, Kingfisher LCC Business, Mobile Boarding Passes & more…

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