5 tips for using Youtube effectively for your business


Are you using YouTube videos for your business just by uploading videos like an average user? You need to realize that YouTube is not just any other video hosting platform. It has many powerful tools that you could use to generate traffic on your website and promote your business.

If you are using YouTube to promote your business, make sure you use the following tips.


Upload a variety of videos frequently

A great way to promote your products, services and business as a whole is to create videos that range from showing viewers how to use the product, podcasts from non-confidential meetings, slide presentations, interviews with customers as their testimonials and so on.

Maintain interactivity by giving regular video responses, hosting contests, polls, giving out freebies etc. Create a playlist of related products or services grouped together so that a viewer is automatically directed to one video after the other.

Make a customized YouTube channel

If you are randomly uploading your business videos on YouTube, you’re making a terrible mistake. It is extremely important to represent your business logo, color, aesthetic, formal details etc together on a YouTube channel. They go a long way in business branding and brand recall!

The best part about using a channel is that users can subscribe to it and receive email alerts and reminders about every single update that you may have posted. A Youtube Channel is a great packaged way of representing your all the details of company on Youtube at once.

Promote and embed your YouTube links on other forums

You may have a fantastic regular updated channel, lots of amazing videos and interactive business content, but all that is no good until you have people watching it. You must aggressively embed and promote your YouTube URLs in other related forums and through advertising.

A great way of using YouTube for your business would also be to embed your company’s YouTube channel in your email signature. Tweet about your YouTube videos and Facebook them regularly. If your followers see your active participation with YouTube, there are more chances of your videos being watched.

Use YouTube’s lesser known features

YouTube is power packed with innovative features such as annotations, which is the text that you can place within the video, YouTube Insight which will display your channel’s performance in detail, AudioSwap, Language Options, Quick Capture and much more.

Also, you must follow YouTube’s official blog and ‘TestTube‘ to make use of their new and upcoming services regularly.

Don’t miss out on the details

Are you missing out on the small details of YouTube such as adding tags to your videos, enabling comments, writing video captions, using keywords in your description text, placing your videos in the correct categories and so on? If you think these details are small enough to be ignored, you’re wrong. You will be able to generate traffic and promote your business only when you make sure that you’re utilizing the power of YouTube in every possible way.

The statistical importance of YouTube is so high that it is impossible to ignore it as a medium to promote your business. With Billions of people spending an average of a few minutes a day on this popular video hosting service, you can take your business to the next level if you harness the power of YouTube effectively.

Take a look at this Youtube Infographic which was released few months back by Google!

Youtube Infographic

Youtube Infographic Youtube hits 3 Billion Views a day..Wow !

Are you convinced now that Youtube is a indispensable tool for your business ?

  1. Dhakkanz says

    A nice recap of features offered by youtube…and yeah…it has actually become an indispensable tool for promoting businesses.

  2. Anil says

    Exactly Rohit Sir…we should consistently and frequently upload videos ..even subscriber send messages which type of video they want to watch..on which topic they want the videos…

  3. Rohit says

    One thing is becoming apparent that the brands that achieve long-term success on YouTube are the ones that consistently and frequently publish refreshing content that has intrinsic value for audiences online.

  4. Sheetal says

    Yes Youtube is a great Platform for Marketing and Learning. I my self watch many tutorials on Youtube if i am stuck some where. Just they still need to sort out the privacy issues for Adult Videos.

  5. Anil says

    Wow… 100 % ..Youtube gives me almost 25 % visits

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