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India to experience 4G services as early as Jan – to cost nearly as much as 3G!


Yes, that’s what it looks like – According to the news appearing on TMI, mobile users in Indian states of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh may experience 4G services as early as January 2012.

3G has not taken off in India – Infact, many users (including yours truly) have moved back to GPRS / Edge internet even though 3G is available.

Although, telecom providers are offering attractive discounts and schemes on 3G services, the adoption rate has been quite low. One of the main reasons being extremely poor & erratic speeds, that also affects basic voice calls.


Now, even as 3G services is struggling with its adoption rate, Augere Wireless Broadband India, who bagged BWA spectrum for those 2 states are planning to launch 4G services in Bhopal by January and by April in 14 cities of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. Augere Wireless will be offering 4G broadband services under their “ZOOSH” brand.

Incase, you are not aware – 4G stands for fourth generation of mobile communication technology  through TD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution), which will enhance user’s experience of faster wireless broadband including web, online gaming and video streaming even while on the move. It essentially provides much faster internet speeds as compared to 3G services.

The TMI article also states that the 4G services will be priced nearly equivalent to what users they pay for existing 3G data services. In my personal opinion, the cost of HAS to come down for users to adopt these services, be it 4G or even 3G. The prices are just too high for most of the mobile users.

And one of the most important aspects for 4G adoption will also depend on 4G enabled mobile handsets – Currently, we don’t even have a single 4G enabled handset being sold in India.

It is going to be interesting to see when & how other BWA spectrum holders will launch their 4G services. Reliance is the only one who have Pan-India BWA license. Other companies who hold BWA spectrum include Aircel (8 circles), Tikona Wireless (5 circles), Airtel (4 circles) and Qualcomm (4 circles).

What’s your take? Do you think 4G services will get popular in India?

  1. Mukul Espresso says

    launch of 4g may benifit expansion of 3g as telecos will be forced to lower its prices. who bothers about 4g , I am still waiting to get 3.2mbps unlimited for a month with no fup, be it 1500/month.

  2. Kaushik Biswas says

    As you mentioned, there’s no 4G handsets on sale in India yet, so 4G launch in MP may not be as spectacular as it could be if launched in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore regions.

    Reliance may have pan-India licenses but basic service is very poor, at least here in my state’s capital city, Kolkata. I visited RWorld for Netconnect 3G but staff over there sounded alarms that they don’t sell recharges and I’ve to find “other shops” for that! I mean, what kind of greeting is that to a new customer at RWorld? So even if 4G is launched here, I am not sure of how the unfriendly customer care would respond.

  3. Arun Kumar Chobhiyal says

    1 songs 5 sec download complete.

  4. Vik'si Vidush says

    3g is so bad and costly….Dey Give only 5GB in f****ing 1000bucks and 10gb in 1250 bucks……Den y don't dey give 10gb in 1000bucks or unlimited usage……….i think 4g will not be so successful as the govt of india is corrupt dey only know how to grab more and more money.
    they don't think abut us…..If 4g will launch in all states they will give 2gb in 1000bucks and after that 2g speed unlimited……I mean WTF….if dey want to launch 4g then dey hve to take ccare abt is that everyone should have a cellphone in country…bcz dere are only 37% tele communication users..

  5. subhash says

    govt really do nothing from there side . well by launching education over internet , ultimately leads to high user of internet . in which pakistan is successful in doing so . 16 % internet users , india 7 % . indian govt do corruption only coz of foolish people who votes to foolish leaders .

  6. Gaurav Kothari says

    I do agree with siddharth its not about money it is about limit……..they may introduce a plan like 1000 bucks unlimited usage, cause considering this much speed one will consume free bandwidth withing hours.

    also do agree with sakthi….it must be available through-out india, and each and every cell providing GSM signals must be capable of the given data speed.

  7. Wincent Joseph says

    not much…..

  8. Prateek Praveen says

    It is pretty obvious that 4G service features would provide better efficiency along with the quality, but Indians will embrace it with open arms i have some serious doubts about it and that too when we are better aware of 3G market scenario.

  9. Sakthi Ananth says

    4g technology… Coorprate are crazy see still we 've 37% of tele density in rural just got to make implement to improve anyway 4g is k but not like 3g technology it should have better coverage..

  10. Sakthi Ananth says

    4g technology… Coorprate are crazy see still we 've 37% of tele density in rural just got to make implement to improve anyway 4g is k but not like 3g technology it should have better coverage..

  11. Sakthi Ananth says

    4g technology… Coorprate are crazy see still we 've 37% of tele density in rural just got to make implement to improve anyway 4g is k but not like 3g technology it should have better coverage..

  12. Sheetal says

    Yes not sure if this is actually going to happen. From my market review and survey reports 3G is still not popular with the users at the moment because of the cost and users use GPRS. And now the Govt have got a new chance to make money with this scheme. Lets hope that 4G give high speed internet.

  13. Siddharth Karia says

    The price is still okay, they need to increase limits drastically. 3G and 4G is about high speed and high quality media streaming. Using it for that is just not possible with the ridiculous transfer caps in place with all providers. Using the Android Market, for instance, to download a full-length movie will use up all your bandwidth and give you a four-figure internet bill over and above the monthly fixed charge.

    At the very least, they should give you a plan with a cap, but if you go above the cap, it switches to EDGE speeds.

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