How should you make yourself stand out in an organization?


Are you armed with a degree from a good university in India or abroad? Look around, there are thousands more who have it too. If you are working in a mid-sized to a big organization, chances are that there will be more people in your workplace or office who will have degrees and qualification similar to yours.

Here’s the big question then… how do you make yourself stand out in an organization? Let’s look at some simple yet very effective tips that we all can use to really stand out and shine.


Offer suggestions when you’re not asked

Let’s suppose you overheard your bosses talk in their offices about an issue at work which happens to fall in your area of expertise. Their discussion is stuck at a point which only you know the answer to, or maybe their discussion is going the wrong way and you know the exact input they are looking for. But here’s the irony. You are not part of the discussion nor are you at a certain position in the organizational hierarchy to be able to take part in it. What do you do?

To stand out in an organization, feel free to give your inputs and ideas. If you think that your job can be done more efficiently, say it. Bosses and managers appreciate when their subordinates do and think more than ‘what they are told’.

Take responsibility and fix it

Have you noticed that when something goes right, everyone swoops in to take credit? However when something goes wrong, there will be no takers for the blame or responsibility?

It’s not surprising because it is human nature to avoid conflicts. Here’s your chance to stand out in your organization. If you’ve caused a blunder or have made a mistake, take responsibility for it. Rather than sulking about it, tell your boss that you will look into it and solve the problem. Managers and bosses appreciate when people ‘step up to the plate’.

What’s your special skill?

Everyone has a special skill or talent. Your talent could be analyzing charts while someone else’s could be making great presentations. Use your special skill and talent to stand out from the crowd in your organization. Turn a dormant skill into your company’s asset. Once your bosses are aware of your skills, they will notice you and have you at the back of their mind.

Take genuine interest in your work to gain personal satisfaction

This tip to help you stand out in an organization is all about bringing out your passion for your work. When you’re working on a project or task in your company, we suggest that you show and take genuine interest on a daily basis.

At the end of each day, look back and see what you’ve accomplished to gain personal satisfaction from your achievements. Why are we telling this to you? Because it is a fact that genuine interest and passion never goes unnoticed.

Don’t stay back at work

Contrary to popular belief in India that long hours equals more work, managers are now waking up to the fact that work can be done smartly and within normal working hours. If you have the need to stay back 2-3 hours every evening at work, it could also mean that you can’t get work done in time, as opposed to the thought of looking like a hard worker.

So stick to your work timings and finish your work load within these hours. This will also show to your boss that you have a life outside work.

Heed these tips and make yourself heard, seen and felt at your workplace!

We would be glad to hear any other tips that you have up your sleeve that makes you stand-out in an Organization!

  1. Wincent Joseph says

    very nice…

  2. James Greg says

    The idea that long hours is really a negative impact is so true. People who stay behind after 5 P.M may be showing extra loyalty but they are then marked as scrape goats and they are marked as lazy and nerds who have no life outside. Also being getting to work on time or 10 mins early also creates a good impression and it shows punctuality which is a very serious issue in offices.

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