Should you be buying Facebook and Twitter followers?


If you are not aware, it is true that many brands, businesses and individuals buy twitter and facebook followers to inflate their followers count.

Does buying fans and followers on social media sound unethical to you? Unethical or not, many small and large business who don’t have the time, patience or inclination to gradually build up a genuine following, are adapting this new trend of buying followers and fans for their social media pages. Here are a few things you should consider before you bulk buy for your social media.


Make a good impression

Have you noticed that you tend to "Like" something on Facebook more promptly if it already has a following of 30,000 people and it ‘looks’ popular? And sometimes, until you know of the product, service of the social media page personally, you’d generally be iffy on following a page that has only a handful likes or a few followers, isn’t?

Many businesses consider buying Facebook or Twitter followers not because that’s actually going to convert more lead for into sales them in the future, but for setting up random visitors psychologically that their page is popular, accepted and worth following.

More fans and followers but no interaction

You may end up buying fans and followers for increasing potential sales in your business but you can you buy interaction too? It’s extremely easy to recognize fake followers and fans if a visitor sees no interaction of your fans or followers with your brand.

There have been cases where paid fans and followers copy paste multiple comments, wall posts or tweets for various businesses. This becomes an immediate getaway to the fact that your popularity has been paid for, which may harm your reputation considerably.

Top search results within Facebook and Twitter

We wonder if having more followers can push you up in the ranks of search results in Google. But your chances of turning up in searches made within Facebook and Twitter can decrease considerably if you have more followers.

Again, it will also boil down to having good content on your Facebook or Twitter page because even if you manage to route traffic to your page by showing off popularity with large number of followers, you won’t be able to hold the visitor for long if nothing interests him/her.

Risk for negativity

Do you know what kind of harm you risk for your brand by buying followers for Facebook or Twitter? Imagine you woke up one morning to find out that a follower has posted for fun "Hey guys, I am a paid follower. Is anyone else paid here?" or "Get a better offer for following XYZ".

This could not only mean a complete waste of money for the followers you bought, but also a complete slur on the name of your brand. Your genuine followers will feel betrayed and never trust you again. There isn’t much potential for signing a contract with each individual follower to post only positive comments right?

Buy the target audience you want

One big advantage of buying Facebook and Twitter following though, is that businesses can select the range and profile of the type of fans and followers they want. For instance, if you have a beauty product to sell, you could specifically buy American women fans in the age group of 25-40 and so on (yes, there are services that give you that).

On the other hand, if you solely depend on building genuine traffic, you would probably take a long time to build up a following of potential customers and a target audience of the exact diversity and category that you would hope for.

It may sound like we’re sitting on the fence here, but it’s really a matter of every business’ ethics and policy to bulk buy followers on social media or not. Building genuine fans and followers who can regularly interact with your brand and actually consume your marketing communication sounds like a much better idea to us.

What’s your opinion? Should social media followers be bought?

  1. Jugmendra says

    I ll never suggest anyone to buy facebook fans of Twitter Followers.

  2. Sheetal says

    I strongly agree with Rohit that the content of the website decides weather the returning visitors will increase or decrease. Large number of likes is just a way of promoting the website nothing else.

  3. Rohit says

    Getting more number of twitter followers and Facebook page likes is good for increasing website traffic but ultimately your website content will decide your visitor’s loyalty. And you are absolutely right that having large number of likes but no interaction with them is of no use to the brand or the website.

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