Top 5 things you MUST mention in your resume!


The perfect resume is a mysterious thing. We all hear about it. But never get to see it! Whether something like that has ever existed or not, we sure know of a few things that you must mention in your resume. Read on to find out what they are.


Achievements, not responsibilities

– Have you filled your resume with paragraphs full of responsibilities of your previous role? That’s fine, but have you mentioned achievements?

– When you look at the bigger picture, your prospective employer would be more interested in what you were able to achieve in your previous role, rather than what you were asked to do. So always remember to mention your own Achievements that you may have in the past.

A line for ‘availability of reference’

– We know it is obvious that your future employer will ask you for good references, but we think that it is a matter of courtesy to close you resume with a line which says ‘references available on request’ or something on those lines.

All your work experience

– Many times applicants seem to remove certain work experiences from their resume because they think that it is irrelevant to the job they are applying for. Are you doing the same thing?

– We suggest that you mention all your previous work experiences, especially if you only have 2-5 years of experience under your belt. Even if it means adding a line about your 3 year part time job at the local retail shop, we say mention it! You never know what might spark the interest of the interviewer.

A line about your interests

– The debate about whether to have ‘your hobbies’ on your resume or not has been going on since forever, but we think that you must mention your hobbies, your interest or your passion subtly under a small heading of ‘Interests’.

– Keep it extremely short and ‘to-the-point’ if it is not related your line of work. But we think that your future employer will like to know a line or two about the real you, besides the degrees and work experience. Don’t you?

Mention all your skills

– So, you think that your web designing skills that you’ve picked up from your friend are not worth mentioning in your resume because you are qualified as an accountant? Any extra skills will be a feather in your cap.

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