Apple’s iPhone 4S delivers an elephant fart, except for maybe Siri !


There is a folklore in India which goes like this. A village has never seen an elephant. One day an elephant came to the village and every villager was happy to see it. Some fed it, some bathed it and some worshipped it. The village was happy with the elephant.

One day a villager got inquisitive and popped up a question. What would be elephant’s fart like? Now that’s a valid question worth pursuing. Given the size of the elephant the expectations were pretty high. Everybody took their own precautions and were watching it from far.


They waited and waited and waited. Just like we all did for the Apple’s event to start on October 4, 2011. Then something happened. It was insignificant. Everybody were looking at each other : Is that what I think it is? Was that it? To be sure, the villagers came closer and closer. Then elephant went on for one more time. That was it. And it was no different. It was like any other. It was normal. Villagers were mighty disappointed.

The elephant story perfectly reflects the mood of what happened at the end of Apple event. For a company like Apple which is expected to throw innovation after innovation, iPhone 4S was a mighty disappointment. First 45 minutes went on about Apple’s stats on $3 bn it paid to the developers, 250000 iOS devices sold, 78% market share in the tablet market and all of its Mac goodness.

Then there were two lousy apps. One sends greetings as post cards to China and the other is some location based friend finding stuff. Then the event moved on to some more Apple ego boosting and then came Siri, the personal assistant which can recognize your voice.

Siri will be available with iPhone 4S only, which by the way is the greatest iPhone ever as per Apple. What iPhone 4S got is a slightly better camera, slightly better battery, a faster processor and a faster graphics engine. A slightly better iPhone 4 is not what we expected out of this event. The fact that iPhone 4S can record videos in 1080p was magnified. I fail to understand why.

I have written 1080p many a time for most of the high-end Android phones. I’m not sure what’s the big deal anyway. I can go on for 1000 more words but the only way to sum it all succinctly is with this :

Apple’s event on Oct 4, 2011 and the iPhone 4S turned out to be an elephant’s fart.

One thing is clear though. Apple is clearly not interested in this event. May be we shouldn’t be interested in Apple either.

Should we be checking out the next Apple event? Let’s ask Siri.

Siri…. Siri…. Siri you there?

Looks like Siri is pissed too.

[This post has been reproduced from our sister blog The Gadget Fan for benefit of readers]

  1. Lazie Walie says

    Rather than criticizing for what it was not, would you rather suggest what *should* have been part of iPhone 4S. Hardware innovation, as we know it (new features), will saturate & it's already evident. Look at what intel is doing… faster processors… due you call that innovation or is that just hot air from the dinosaur? What are other laptop manufacturers doing?

    Siri is hinting towards the future of interfaces. Just because the current generation of voice recognition systems suck doesn't mean that it'll continue to do so. You have to give it to them for the improvements in the camera. It's amazing what they've done in such a tiny body (multi-element lens, f#).

    Why don't you write down what do you want in an iPhone5. Let's see if that's innovation… or was this post just unsubstantiated expectation.

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    Departure of Steve Jobbs and failure to casue a sensation at the immediate next Apple launch. Is it a coincidence?

  3. Dhruv Goyal says

    2x faster than the iPhone 4, 7x better graphics, 8 MP camera, Siri, IOS 5, iCloud. What else one can expect? Many were expecting iPhone 5 but it was never conformed by Apple..

    1. Sreekumar Prasad Nair says

      looking forward to the launch of i4s in India ASAP

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