Weekly Wrap-up: BSNL 100 mbps broadband, Tablet Sales in India, Amazon Kindle Fire & more…


Here are some of the buzzing posts of last week that were published on trak.in & TGF.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Fake Customer reviews, IRCTC Virtual Tickets, BSNL App Store, Telecom sector hiring & more…

Bombay High court has recently suggested that wage hike has to take into consideration the price rises in basic commodities. But is it really Feasible?

It’s great that Broadband speeds are now on the uptick (atleast theoretically). BSNL recently launched FTTH scheme which promises upto 100 mbps speeds directly to your home.

The folks at OnlineSchools have come up with a real-time State Of Internet infographic which apart from some amazing data points is unique that real-time features.

On 27th Sept. TRAI’s Spam SMS directive came pass – and it has been chaos and confusion since then. Yes, on one side, mobile consumers have got relief from pesky callers & spam SMSes – But even genuinely important messages are getting blocked as well!

Millennial Media released August report on Global Mobile OS Market share and thanks to Android’s growing popularity, it now commands over 50% of the smartphone OS market share!

Google turned 13 last week – and one must say that Google has positively affected millions (probably billions) of lives across the globe.

So, if you are an Android fan and carry Android phone, you must check out these 5 must have productivity apps on Android!

What is more important – a product brand or a corporate brand? This forms the core when you plan your marketing and promotional strategy!

Google+ is aggressively bringing in new features and function to their latest social offering and consumers are lapping it up with both the hands. We are already seeing Google+ engagement analytics among many other things!

Here is a nifty presentation on State of Indian Blogosphere – and unlike popular notion, blogging is only growing rather than the other way around.

Here is an excellent article by Ankit – How important it is to have Company Name in all Promotional Materials – Probably a must read for startups who are just venturing out!

So, Amazon finally unveiled the much talked about “iPad killer” (which it is absolutely not) – Amazon Kindle Fire. And, here is everything that you want to know about it. Amazon Kindle are just not nifty devices, but also excellent marketing & sales engine for other Amazon products and services!

There is one thing that employees year for, more than anything and that is Flexible Work Hours. Here are 8 Reasons to have flexible hours at your workplace!

You want to know just how fast Google+ is growing? Google+ has hit 50 Million users in 88 days flat – Check out how it compares with FB, Twitter & others [Graph]

Take a look at how well Tablets are doing in India – Some figures are just a little hard to believe though!

To push their latest Mobile OS Windows 7 phone, Microsoft has launched a new platform where student app developers can participate and get a chance to win cool Windows 7 phone!

And Finally, here is an heart-warming & inspiring story on how Facebook helped an aspiring artist with his career!

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Fake Customer reviews, IRCTC Virtual Tickets, BSNL App Store, Telecom sector hiring & more…

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