Notion Ink Adam goes retail with Flipkart!


Look who has chosen to grace the Indian online retail and the Indian audience. It’s the Notion Ink Adam. Notion What? Yeah I know the feeling.

Remember the tablet company which was considering world as its oyster and and felt that India isn’t ready for tablets? Turns out India is ready for tablets just right before dusshera.

Also turns out world isn’t Notion Ink’s oyster after all because, after the initial scam-o-meter remarks and the first few reviews, the world has moved on. Not Notion Ink.


Notion Ink is now selling its tablets on Flipkart.

Notion Ink has decided the time is right to launch its tablets to Indian audience right before dusshera. The only problem is they are one dusshera too late.

Notion What?

HTC has just completed its global launch for its cheapest Android phone, HTC Explorer. Nokia usually ships its phones to India coinciding with a global launch. Sammy is betting big on India. It just launched 3 phones with 3 different operating systems. Same goes for tablets.

Notion Ink is selling their wares on India’s Flipkart almost an year after it has launched globally. The only other manufacturer which has given India a step-motherly treatment was Apple. Now Apple is coming to terms off late and is launching its products much sooner. Looks like Notion Ink is trying to mimic Apple, but its products doesn’t have the same brand recall.

Should you even care?

Coming to the tablets, nothing exciting going on here as the tablets are priced more are less in the vicinity of Apple iPad 2. Then there’s Kindle Fire, though I don’t recommend it for Indian users but I would definitely recommend it over any of the Notion Ink’s Adam.

Wait! Doesn’t these guys have a Pixel Qi screen or something? Yes they do but we could care less. Amazon Kindle Touch costs just $99 and has loads of content.

My guess is there is will no takers for Notion Ink’s Adam. Now don’t even start that “Made in India” rhetoric because, we know you care about your money.

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Image courtesy Flickr user Stu Williams

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