5 reasons the ‘make money online’ bubble needs to be busted!


Not in our wildest of dreams would we have imagined a decade back that the internet would be flooded with ‘make money online’ campaigns and advertisements. While making money online may be a reality for a few (infact, very very few) in India, it is still a distant dream for others who’ve pinned their hopes and savings into the idea of working from home and making money.

Here are 5 reasons why the make money online bubble needs to be busted and people need to get back to looking for real jobs.


The idea of making money online is often misleading

Whether it is earning through affiliate programs or advertisement revenue, the thought of making money is very over-rated. The advertisements promise the Indian IT savvy surfer that they would become rich and start earning thousands within the first few weeks. Unfortunately, these tall claims about making money online are far from true and are creating unnecessary hype.

People are quitting real jobs to jump into the unknown

The stories of engineers and doctors turning to the internet to make money online are not uncommon these days. And who can we blame for that except the make-money-online bubble?

These massive job switches happen due to the lure of quick and easy money without even acquiring any skills of Internet Marketing. This ignorance is only causing the bubble to inflate more.

Options of making money online do not make you rich overnight

Like any other profession, the business of making money online does not make anyone an overnight millionaire. In fact it is much worse, because unlike jobs in the real world where you get your salary or income no matter what, your business online will not pay you until it picks up.

If you’re relying on blogs and websites that show you how to make money online, go splash some water on your face!

Students are ignoring studies over this bubble

Are we really surprised that students are trying out their hands on this bubble of making money online? Many university students remain logged in from their computers all day and all night scouting forums and looking for that next big idea about making money online.

Unfortunately it is not until they’ve wasted a lot of time, effort and money that they realize that making money online is often a glorified ideology and requires the patient effort of many years, or months, if one is lucky.

Abuse of social media websites

Social media websites are also facing the wrath of the make money online bubble, especially in India. Fake IDs, misleading usernames, inappropriate pictures and false advertising are doing the rounds of virtually every social media and networking website. Little does the ‘real person’ on these social media website know that by clicking on such links, they are only promoting the cause of unscrupulous elements floating around on the internet.

Having said all this, we still stand with the fact that it is possible to make money online through various dedicated means, but it not a moolah churning machines that everyone is assuming it to be. There is a reason why only few marketers emerge successful out of the thousand who enter this business.

And that’s why, the make-money-online bubble needs to be busted and how!

  1. Kumari Rashmi says

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  2. Biswanath Roy says

    Korbo lorbo jeetbo re…………

  3. The main reason behind the mass failure of make-money-online aspirants is the misleading information and presence of fraud artists all over the internet as long as internet marketing niche is concerned. But one with right attitude and learning curve can surely be successful in making money online. What most of the beginners want is money overnight which doesn’t really happen. It takes internet marketing knowledge and organised execution of the knowledge to succeed online. No short cut indeed.

  4. kishor says

    100/100% correct……….. it’s not easy to earn online money….indian must be aware of making such silly dreams…we are facing the trouble of money even after 24hrs hard work..so its my sugesstion to all those who wants to gain money with less effort..he/she must go for lottery or find-out “Alladin ki chirag”

  5. seo charlotte says

    I am agree with this article online making money is too hard if you are new comer & sometimes one can’t anticipate business policies.

  6. Jeetu says

    nice article, two years of my graduation is wasted in searching that stupid ways on internet, but i never found any easy way, but it is true that online money making is possible, but is not much easier than people think about. behind every success there is a need of great hard work and passion about that work..:)

  7. Rohit says

    My friend was also filling several forms on the websites claiming to give several online jobs but result was a big zero. Now he is looking for real jobs as you said. These sites are misleading for sure as they say to sign up to earn Rs.30,000/- per month but I don’t think anyone have earned a single penny. Google Adsense is far better than these sources.

  8. Jibran Jamshed says

    absolutely right. this business is extremely unpredictable.

  9. Prashanth Gowriraju says

    Here is a classic case I came across while reading this – http://indiannewsweekly.com/finance/.

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