MHRD’s Low Cost Tablet will be called “Aakash”!


Everyone is bracing up for the launch of the much hyped, much delayed MHRD’s ultra low cost (aka USD 35) educational tablet day after tomorrow (5th October). Media all over the world have been criticizing Indian Government that it is nothing but a someone’s imagination. A usable USD 35 device is not possible.

Well, It looks like it is very much possible and the name of this device is also out. This ultra low cost device will be called “Aakash”. The following images are couple of months old, when it was still in pre-production stage. So, the new avatar might be different than what is shown below!

**Pre-Production Images of MHRD’s $35 Aakash

MHRD LCAD 28 July 1 thumb Why is OLPC so apprehensive about MHRD’s $35 device!

MHRD LCAD 28 July 2 Why is OLPC so apprehensive about MHRD’s $35 device!

The biggest criticism to MHRD’s device has come from another low cost device maker OLPC’s India head, Mr. Satish Jha, where he wrote a scathing “Open Letter” that was published in the Times of India couple of months back.

We had published [exclusively] a rebuttal to this open letter giving reasons as to why is OLPC so apprehensive about MHRD’s $35 device! [You also must read some of the comments on this post] has been aggressively following this device’s journey since it was announced – Infact, we were the one’s who first broke this story and showed exclusive images to the world!

So there you have it – Aakash will be launched on 5th in New Delhi and we will bring you every detail there is about this device, so keep tuned in!

  1. Dastagir Syed says

    where can I get this TAB? Can anybody tell me…………………….

  2. Harvans says

    market me launch ho gaya kya?
    kb milega or kya require hogi

  3. Jessica Blox says

    I have placed my order at

  4. Shashank Aggarwal says

    when will this be available in market.

  5. Lalremmawia Chhakchhuak says

    It is a very good step for India to take her children into a new height.

  6. Juzer Shabbir Miyajiwala says

    I want to purchase this tablet from where can I get it?

  7. APink's Tadvi says

    its a very useful for students.

  8. Shagor Khan says

    I'm from Bangladesh. I want to purchase a Akash Tablet PC. How it possible?

  9. Deepali Tyagi says

    what is RAM of this device it's not full information?

    1. Shashank Aggarwal says


    2. Deepali Tyagi says

      Shashank Aggarwal thanx to info me

  10. Huynh says

    I am being in Vietnam. How can i order Aakash table with big volume? Pls help me.

    Thank you brothers so much

    1. Sunil Pande says

      Why will you something that does not work even when they make a grand show of its inauguration and there it fails? See The Telegraph report on it.

      1. Asho says

        Aakash Tablet is not released yet… so it is foolish to talk bad about it before you use it with your own hand… Eventough it won’t stand near iPad or Galaxy tab, sure the tablet will be approachable…

  11. Roushan Yadav says


  12. Sunil Pande says

    There is no point in arguing with someone who does not even understand the difference between zircon and diamond. Would you argue with someone who thinks a Tally crunching intern is ready to be appointed a CFO or a local Vaidya be anointed as a Nobel laureate in Physiology?

    Sakhsat or Aakash r any other name will not a laptop or a tablet make. Sibal did not even get the basic question right. Its about education and not a laptop. Even if MHRD managed to produce a laptop, if there is no innovation of technology in it, how would we call it India’s laptop.

    Mr Jha is right that its like a High School project in the US and it reflects India’s technology prowess that a US High School project becomes a “technology” endeavour of nationally strategic importance for India’s MHRD.

    For anyone with any knowledge of ow to create technologies, its an embarrassment. This project has done more damage to India’s reputation than any other single act since 1991.

    Pity that Trak does not display the intellectual capability to grasp the challenges of creating a technology.

    Wish we had grown up a little better in the past couple decades.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Dear Mr. Sunil Pande – I do take objection to your statement “Pity that Trak does not display the intellectual capability to grasp the challenges of creating a technology.”

      Especially, because I am not advocating one over the other – but just presenting the facts as they are. Its extremely childish of you to blame a blogger to publish a material. It is like you telling Time of India being childish because they published Mr. Jha’s piece !

      I do not claim to know the technology behind it – I just publish what I get to know… Its obvious that you are probably linked to OLPC in some way. So right now, lets just leave it at that. We are just a few hours away from getting to know the device…

      1. Sunil Pande says

        I am sorry if it was offensive. I said more or less what seem to say , because I am not advocating one over the other – but just presenting the facts as they are.” That is precisely what is called lacking “intellectual capacity”. That said, I do not mean to offend and request you to see it in that perspective.

        Now that the laptop is out and The Telegraph and several papers reported that their reporters not only could not make it work, even Datawind managers were unable to show how it works.

        I believe computers have never been made for those who cannot afford it. They are targeted at a market and most of them come with basic capacities. India’s MHRD tablet costs 50% more than it was promised 15 months ago and has a tenth as many features as promised. At $50 or $60 it does what $50 or $60 gadgets may be able to do, badly.

        Most sub $100 devices have not worked and have folded up. India has not created any technology to make it cheaper either. So to claim its a cheap laptop or tablet is a very cheap gimmick and that shows in the twitter trending that nearly every Indian has ridiculed it. Barring the man who has name that suggests buttering and seems to look for very opportunity to please Mr Sibal.

        None of the few hundred skeptics questioning the MHRD laptop is an OLPC believer. I do believe that it was a good idea to learn from OLPC and make it in India and not lose time in letting India’s demographic dividend truly become worth “dividends”. Otherwise these minds that remain caged in the last century cannot be what will give India dividends.

        You are pro MHRD laptop and I am critical of anything including OLPC, save that given the playing field OLPC stands out as the best thing on the planet until the next best thing comes along.

        Thank you

  13. Ankit Chandra says

    looking forward to this launch! great job Trak!

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