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Best IT Employer in India

According to the survey – IT Best Employer Survey 2011 – conducted by Dataquest, in association with CyberMedia Research (CMR), HCL Infosystems has emerged as the BEST IT Employer in India. Mumbai-based Rolta has taken the second spot followed by iGATE-Patni. A new entrant SAP Labs came in at fourth spot, while Tavant has emerged as the fifth best IT employer in India. [source]

Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands in India

Nokia, which has always been at the top of the charts when it comes to most trusted brand has taken quite a hit this year. As it is Nokia’s market share has been falling over last 2-3 years and so is there trust value. In this years Brand Equity List, Colgate takes the top position followed by lux and Airtel. Nokia has dropped to 5th position. Here are the top 10 most trusted brands in Indiaimage [Source]

2011Rank Top Trusted Brands
1 Colgate
2 Lux
3 Airtel
4 Lifebuoy
5 Nokia
6 Dettol
7 Britannia
8 Vodafone
9 Maggi
10 Closeup

Ecommerce gaining traction in Tier II & Tier III cities in India

According to recently released Ebay Census, Online buying is becoming popular in rural India and women are increasingly getting active in shopping online. Lifestyle & Electronic Items are the most sought after items on Ebay. Amongst the cities, Delhi leads on online buying followed by Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune and Chandigarh – in that order. Currently Metros hold 51% share of all online purchases, but comparative to cities rural growth is much higher in rural areas. [source]

IIT-B to go completely Cashless using UIDAI Authentication Mechanism

This pilot test by UIDAI at IIT Bombay campus may set the tone for things to come. According to Livemint, IIT-B campus will go completely cashless and all students will be issued Aadhar Cards, which will act as identification and authentication mechanism for all IIT students. So, students can transact anywhere inside IIT campus just by flashing their UIDAI card. [source]

With UIDAI, people have an option to open new bank account or link existing ones at the time of enrolment. So, any purchases or transactions that happen at the campus will be directly debited or credited into the student’s bank account!

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