State of Indian Blogosphere 2011 – Are Blogs dead?


Blogging was “the in-thing” with netizens 5-7 years back. Thanks to Google’s blogger platform & Auttomatic’s WordPress platform, literally anyone could setup their own blogs and publish their views & opinions in minutes.

It had good as well as bad consequences – Netizens had lot more quality content through blogs, but even more scrappy content started getting published. 

Over time, micro-blogging platforms like Tumblr & Posterous got very popular, as it became even more easier to publish content. Once could upload content / images / videos from their mobile devices within seconds. And with recent popularity of social networking platforms like Facebook & twitter going through the roof, sharing updates, status messages on the web has now become 2nd nature to many!

If you consider India only, although we joined the blogging phenomenon much later than our western peers, we have embraced Social Media whole-heartedly and in fact, social media is now getting more popular even than sending receiving emails!

So, the big question on everyone’s mind is – with Facebook, twitter & tumblr’s of the world becoming popular – Is blogging dead?

The answer is – BIG NO

Drizzlin Media, a brand consultancy firm, recently published a study on “State of Indian Blogsphere 2011” and from what I can say the popularity of blogs has only grown over time.

And contrary to popular belief, Social Networking only enhances the reach of Blogs, rather than being a reason for its demise.

However, unlike our western peers, Blogging full time is still not a viable professional proposition for Indians as there are very few opportunities for monetization.

Here are some of the highlights of the “State of Indian Blogosphere 2011” study.

  • Majority of bloggers who participated in the study rated their content as bad to average
  • A large percentage of brands want to connect with bloggers, but are unable to maintain relationships with them on long term.
  • Social Networking has cannibalized blogs to a certain extent, however, social sharing of blog content has enhanced Blog reach to a very large audience.

Blog Quality Ratings

Check out this excellent presentation that Drizzlin Media has published that offers a good insights on State of Indian Blogosphere as it stands today!

State of Indian Blogosphere 2011

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  1. Narayana Rao Kvss says

    I agree with you. Blogs have lot of headroom to grow. My opinion is that bloggers are to be made aware that a successful blog can have 50,000 page views per month and around million blogs can develop into successful blogs. This gives very good room for blogosphere to grow further.

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  2. Jeetu says

    One more nice post by arun sir.

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  3. Ankit Bansal says

    Who said that blogging is dead………I am blogging from few years and recently started one more new blog. Here you go:

  4. Yogesh Kumar says

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