Top 5 Must Have Productivity Apps on Android !


Productivity apps are double edged swords. If you spend too much time on figuring out how they work, or if the apps turn out to be inefficient on a cross platforms or if there are bugs in the apps which don’t allow all the features to work, then you’re dismissing the whole point of having productivity and organization app.

The deal breaker on productivity app is that it has to have a simple, intuitive interface. No one wants to spend time to figure out how the app organizes itself, right?

From the millions of productivity apps that exist today, here are some of the much preferred and popular ones.



Wunderlist, which was recently released for Android is one simple, cross-platform app which is also available for Windows, OSX and the iPhone. If your whole life revolves around lists of things to be done, reminders and task timelines, this app is for you. Prioritize tasks with stars, check them off when they’re done, share reminders and alarms with other Android users, view different task lists at once and keep track of project timelines – these are just a few great features of this awesome, widely used productivity app.

(Free app | Android download)



Have you always found it difficult to remember all you passwords, security folio numbers, car details, software serial numbers, numerical bank information and non-web account information? Use this productivity app to erase all these numbers from your physical files and memory. You can save all this information in 1Password for Android and use a 4 digit code with a master password to secure it. Once you have all your info uploaded, you can use the app to auto fill information in browsers, wherever required. And of course, backing up all this data on your Mac or PC is a cakewalk with this Android based productivity app.

(Free app | Android market download)

Pageonce (A personal Assistant)


As the name suggests, this little app is more than just a personal assistant. It’ll manage your life by keeping track of all your accounts and integrating them for you to have a look at one single glance. Whether it is your Amazon checkout cart, your updated bank balance, or your social media page, you can take a look at all your account information on a single dashboard without signing in into each of them separately. What’s more, this Android based productivity app will help you track bank statements and updates, remind you of billing dates, help you plan frequent flyer miles and much more.

What you will absolutely love about this productivity app is that is has a 128 bit SSL encryption, which means that you can remotely disable its access in case your phone gets lost. Much better than having a real paid personal assistant, don’t you think?

(Free app | Android market link)

Mighty Meeting


Are PowerPoint presentations harrowing the hell out of you? Are you a jet-setting executive who is making presentation every other day of the week? Android based Mighty Meeting allows you to upload all your KeyNote and PowerPoint presentations to your phone and play them whenever you need them. Not only at one glance can you make your document public, share it with select people, email it or put it on your calendar, the best part is that this productivity app allows you to refer and rehearse on your presentation just about anytime and anywhere. No plugging around heavy projector equipment anymore. Plug and play your presentation from your phone.

(Free app | Android market link)



We love ReQall because it takes the process of maintaining notes, lists, reminders and memos to the next level by adding voice. If you’re a lazy bum with your iPhone touch screen keypad and want your voice to do all the work, this app if for you.  This suite of lists and reminders can be synced online with your ReQall account so that you can even access it offline when you’re on a flight, maybe. This Android based productivity app is highly efficient in the workplace as you can share task lists and reminders with your colleagues.

And much to your amazement, ReQall also integrates reminders from all instant messaging platforms. The voice feature may give you some time lag problems, but hey all voice features on apps are in the process of becoming more and more sophisticated by the day. So just hold on there.

(Free app | Android market link)

With these productivity apps, you’re sure to make optimum utilization of your time. Forget primitive procedures, like signing in into multiple accounts, remembering passwords, tasks and taking backup. Let your productivity apps do all the dirty work!

Do you use any Productivity Apps that you absolutely love? Let us know in comments

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  2. rashmi shah says

    great list…wunderlist n mighty meeting sounds interesting which i would like to see…even I would like to suggest an app for consideration which I came across…
    mintm a shopping app which adds values to your shopping…just try out n enjoy your shopping…

  3. Arisha Burman says

    Hey Guys!
    Nice list thanks for sharing… Would like to add Future Scheduler app (paid) for Android this helps you in scheduling text messages, emails, status update and phone calls.
    Android Market (Google play):

  4. JoeDoe says

    I know, right. I love these apps. Here are 50 more must have apps you should try

  5. Rohit says

    “Wunderlist” is very helpful for me as I always forget my important works due to overload. Also, thanks for the list

  6. Sabka Traffic says

    Would real time traffic be categorized as a productivity tool?
    @SabkaTraffic – Know before you go!

  7. jayant says

    I think u have to do a lot more research before putting top 5 android apps.

    The list is not correct, as there are many more productivity apps,,,,

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Jayant, productivity is a very subjective word – what I mean is…one app might be extremely useful to one and can help him in being productive – On the other hand same app may be of no use to others….

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