Happy Birthday Google – 13 years of constant innovation!


Can you imagine your life on internet without Google? The answer cannot be anything else  but an obvious “No”!

But how did Google do it – I still remember my first tryst with internet way back in 1996. The first website I visited was Yahoo. Yes – it was the top search engine at that time, but after using it for sometime I found AltaVista better. Their were others like Lycos & Ask Jeeves as well, but Yahoo followed by AltaVista had majority of market share. Google was not even born then!

I first heard about Google I think in 1999 and from day one, the search engine was different than others. I was mostly used to Yahoo’s cluttered homepage and Google’s barebones search page was stark contrast to what Yahoo was offering. I tried it for couple of days and was pretty impressed with it.

However, it took probably an year for me to switch completely to Google Search as stories of how good Google is started appearing. Every now and then, Google was in news, offering something new and innovative in search space – and today even 13 years down the line, it has not stopped. In fact, the innovation has only accelerated.

In these 13 years of journey, Google has launched 100s of products, closed probably half of them, acquired close to 100 companies – all for one goal – making internet a better and useful place for netizens!

Constant Innovation is the key to where Google is today and probably will be even a decade from now. I wish Google a very very happy 13th Birthday.

As is the ritual – Google is celebrating its birthday with a Google Doodle!


Remember, these Doodle’s have some or the other meaning attached to it – The 3 caps as well as those gifts mean something. My guess is, those are for the 3 stalwarts of Google – Sergey Brin, Larry Page & Eric Schmidt!

Without Google, probably trak.in would not have been where it is today – Once again, hearty congratulations to Google on its 13th Birthday!

  1. Bhasker Raj says

    Wishing Google Happy and Prosperous Birthday and continue many more years of innovation.

  2. Isaac Breezy Akwada says

    happy birthday. U are doin well.

  3. Yarynka Kulyk says

    Happy Birthday Google! Many many more to come. Love you, Y.

  4. Rohit says

    Google is a giant search engine and useful for the users too. For any query, I use Google without thinking much. Google in this 13 year has helped a lot to develop our knowledge and I am thankful for this.

    Happy Birthday Google! You are just great.

  5. James Greg says

    Google has taken over the internet and its constant thrive to make internet a better place is clearly appreciable. I agree when Google launched its services the bare look was very amusing. The looks of Yahoo and other popular search engines of that time who boldly boasted the cluttered look gave Google an image of change, by then we have witnessed many innovations and developments. All in all Happy B’day Google

  6. Sam Jaspal says

    Happy Birthday to GOOGLE.

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