Nissan Sunny – Nissan’s close to perfect Sedan Launched!


The much awaited Nissan Sunny has been launched in India, and with its sub Rs. 6 lakh price tag, the Nissan Sunny does manage to ruffle a few feathers. Mind you, even with a very competitive price tag – Nissan Sunny does a bring lot to the table making it hard to resist for the budget conscious car buyer in India.

From the reviews I have read – Nissan Sunny can be termed close to a perfect car, especially with a Rs. 5.78 Lakh (Base Model) price tag.


Let’s take a look at the Top 5 great features of Nissan Sunny in India.

Best in class cabin space

Nissan claims that the Sunny has got the best in class cabin space. We bet that’s going to be a deciding factor for a budget conscious buyer in India wanting to buy a sedan with ample leg room and cabin space without spending a bomb. The space inside the Nissan Sunny is well sculpted and offers comfortable seating for the passengers at the rear even with the front seats fully pushed back.

Steering Tilt Adjustment is standard

The Nissan Sunny in India has three models, XE, XL and XV. For car buyers it is time to rejoice because Nissan offers power steering and electronic steering tilt adjustment as a standard feature in the Nissan Sunny XE model.


Nissan Sunny in India offers safety braking features that promise to woo all safety conscious buyers. We all know what ABS stands for but the Nissan Sunny also has EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) and a BA (Brake Assist) system. Although we are not going to get into the technical details, for the lay person, EBD means a much better breaking performance. The Brake Assist system, if activated, engages the ABS or EBD which will basically allow you to pump up the stopping power of your car in times of panic braking.

Sleek and sporty styling

Unlike the bold, aggressive and macho styling of Chevy or certain variants of Honda sedans, the styling of the Nissan Sunny in India is sleek and sporty. The front headlights of the Nissan Sunny have a unique large tear drop shape and seem to be on the side corners, rather than the actual front of the car. Regardless of where they’re placed, they compliment the sleek and sporty look of the Nissan Sunny. The visual appeal of the Sunny is larger than what you’d expect from a mid-sized sedan. The body coloured bumpers are also standard with the base model, the Nissan Sunny XE. Definitely top marks here.

Great price tag and no waiting period

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Nissan Sunny price has been pegged at Rs. 5.78 lakh. With the features that the car packs, this price tag is great for mid-sized sedan buyers wanting to go a notch higher than a small car or a small hatchback. Another great feature of the Nissan Sunny is the company’s promise of no waiting period for the delivery of the car. While that is impressive, what is more interesting is that Nissan has achieved a localization of more than 85 percent for the Nissan Sunny in India.

Nissan Sunny Specs

Price Range (in lakh)
  • Ex-showroom Price – 5.78 – 7.78
  • Fuel – Petrol
  • Installation – Front, transverse
  • Power – [email protected]*
  • Torque – 15kgm at 4400rpm*
  • Gearbox – 5-speed manual
Chassis & Body
  • Length – 4455mm
  • Width – 1694mm
  • Height – 1513mm
  • Wheel Base – 2601mm
  • Weight – 1066kg
  • Front – independent struts
  • Rear – torsion beam
  • Front – Ventilated discs
  • Rear – drums
  • Fuel Tank size – 41 litres

So, what do you think of this new Sedan by Nissan?

[Image Source – BS Motoring]

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