Weekly Wrap-up: Rupee Exchange Rate, India Chrome Webstore, Most Innovative Companies, Paypal & more…


Let us have a look at some of the buzzing posts of last week that were published on trak.in & TGF.

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Holding good news back to publish other lower-quality-but-mass-consumed news is a very myopic approach – which what the trend is in today’s news world. We need to change it!

Have you checked out Google Wallet ? If you have not, you should, because that is the future of how we will transact on day to day basis!

Google has opened up Doodle4Google contest last week and one lucky winning student will have his / her Doodle on Google’s Iconic Homepage!

BSNL has threatened private operators to cut the connectivity to their networks due to non-payment of pending dues. But do you think, BSNL is yet another Air India in making?

Contrary to popular belief, Social Media actually complements the Traditional Marketing strategies. Check out a few examples here.

Are you planning to start your own Business? Here are top 5 tips to name your Business.

Rupee has been depreciating fast against the dollar past few weeks. Infact, in last one week alone it has dropped by over Rs.1.50 against the dollar. The question is – will it touch Rs. 50 soon?

We recently witnessed launch of 2 QWERTY Android based phones. Check out the comparison between both – LG Optimus Pro Vs Motorola Fire.

After 9 month of Google Web Store Launch, it finally comes to India and it looks really good!

Check out this excellent Infographic which depicts the fierce growth of Mobile Apps Economy!

If you are a professional, you MUST read this article – 5 Golden Rules for Your Business Email !

There is another blow from pay to Indian users – PayPal now forces Indian users to Auto Withdraw Funds on Daily basis. We seriously need an alternative to Paypal. No question about it!

Forbes just released its list of the Top Most 100 innovative companies in the world. Surprisingly, it ranks Hindustan Unilever higher than Apple in Innovation at 5th place!

Is “Offering Product Discount” one of the main driving forces behind Indian Ecommerce Industry?

If you are a foreign National or a NRI who wants to open a business in India – you must read this – How Foreign Nationals / NRI’s can setup a Business in India [Overview]

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Hacking Incidences, Pesky Calls End, Smartphone Usage, investments & More…

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