5 lesser known Google Services amongst the Average Internet Users!


Is there anything in this world that Google can’t accomplish? The answer is… NO. We may be using Google Maps, Google Finance, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Trends, Google Picnik, Google Docs and more recently Google+ and Google Wallet very frequently, but we’re pretty sure that many of you haven’t heard much about the following Google services that are tucked away somewhere inside Google’s dashboard.

Google Boutiques


The women reading this will be pleasantly amused. Google’s personalized online fashion shop Boutiques.com allows shoppers to look around some great fashion items from across the world. Currently, the wares are limited to the U.S and only for women. This Google service houses many mini boutiques created by celebrities and stylists. The best part is that you can search pattern, color, genre, sizes and much more. You can even create a personalized boutique that can help you store and shortlist all your selected items before buy it.

To know more, visit: Google Boutiques

Google Patents


The name is fairy self explanatory. You can explore, download and research more than 7 million patents worldwide. In addition to the techies and geeks who are deep into their research about technology and their patent history, Google Patents is even great for the average reader who simply wants to know more about a certain topic. It’s a great way to increase your general knowledge. Or better, check if your newest invention has already been patented or not!

To know more, visit: Google Patents

Google Panoramio


Acquired by Google in 2007, Google Panoramio is a great service for all you folks out there who want to check out a tourist destination in its entirety before zeroing in on buying plane tickets for that place. As the name suggests, it will allow you to see beautiful panoramic shots of some very famous and some not-so-famous places in the world. You can also use this geo-location oriented photo sharing website also as a layer in Google Earth and Google Maps.

To know more, visit: Google Panoramio

Google Swirl

We already know that Google Images is awesome and pretty much satisfies all our needs for visuals, but there’s always that one time when a generic image search doesn’t give us that exact image we’ve been looking for. Alleged to be slightly similar to Microsoft Bing’s Visual Search Beta, Google Swirl was launched in 2009 as a part of Google Labs’ many innovative features. Using a phonetics algorithm, Google’s Image Swirl will give you an image search result which is divided into groups and sub-groups based on their visual similarities. It word exactly the way our mind works in associating one image with another cluster according to the meaning associated behind them. Google Swirl is still under development.

To know more, visit: Google Swirl  

[Note: Google Swirl though is slowly being phased out as their URL has stopped working]

Google Product Search


Is there any product in the world that you want to search for but aren’t being able to find? Simple type it on Google Product Search and get an exhaustive list of options along with comparative prices, product descriptions and the various shops that offer the product in your areas. It is not like Amazon or Ebay where sellers have to pay for making a listing, nor does Google accept a commission for each item sold. Originally established as Froogle, Google Products is still in beta testing stage. It currently provides services in only select countries and generates revenue via Google AdSense.

To know more, visit: Google Product Search

Google Labs has an exhaustive list of never-heard-of, quirky and interesting services. The reason why we haven’t listed most of them is because a lot of them have been shut down very frequently.

In fact, Google Labs is also in the process of being phased out eventually, as indicated on the Labs homepage. But even if we end up using a few of Google’s extraordinary services fully, we’d be getting a lot of value out if it.

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