Google Wallet is Awesome – Take a Look!


When I was in Japan late last year, I had a taste of how Mobile wallet works. It was awesome and a glimpse at how the world will transact in coming years. But at that time, my guess was that mobile wallets will become main-stream in 5 years time frame (and probably more for country like India)


But things are changing faster than expected, especially with launch of Google Wallet couple of months back. With NFC (Near Field Communication) starting to appear on newer Android based mobile phones – It looks like Mobile Wallets will come to masses sooner than later.

A short video produced by Adzag, shows the awesome power of Google Wallet and how it will be used by consumers in coming years.


Would love know what you feel about Google Wallet!

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  2. People have become more proactive to adjust with new Eco mechanism.

  3. Rohit says

    This is really nice. First we replaced money with ATM cards and now we have replaced our precious wallet with Google wallet……….So Bye Bye Wallet!!!!!!

  4. Bhasker Raj says

    Google Wallet will overtake all other services in this segment, since it has many innovative features.

    Google Wallet will be the first choice for many users soon.

    1. Wincent Joseph says

      wait & see…Sir

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