117 Government Websites hacked in first half of this year!


I was taken aback with the numbers released by Indian Government today. According to the press release – Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) reported total of 117 Government websites were hacked in first half of this year !

Here is a look at number of websites hacked since 2008.

Government Websites hacked

Yes, one can understand that with groups like Annonymous, Lulzsec becoming active over last year – incidences of hacking have increased to a very large extent – not only in India but globally as well. However, I am sure that if enough efforts are made by Indian authorities, these numbers can come down drastically!

What surprises me though is that on one side Government is going at lengths when it comes to national security – by banning Blackberry or threatening to bring down sites like Google, Skype among others. But not enough importance is given to safeguarding Government websites that carry sensitive data and amount to threat to national security as well.

What is your take on this ?

  1. Raj @ Web Hosting Tips says

    lack of proper security and high dependency on local software firms is the major root cause for this issue..

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