Weekly Wrap-up: Cloud TV, Active internet users, Steve Jobs resignation, Rural BPOs & more…


Its Monday morning and time for our Weekly wrap-up. But, before I start that, I want to congratulate Anna Hazare (and the entire nation) for such a successful non-violent campaign that awakened citizens of India against corruption like never before.

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Cloud has now become a common-place – Even Television programming is also moving to cloud. But the question is – Is India ready for Cloud TV ?

Rebranding – Why Al-Qaida, Old Spice and Madonna are trying to reinvent themselves over the years!

Ok – here is question for you all – Do you think Tablets need a keyboard ? then why not a netbook? Take a poll and let us know what you think…

Sometimes the growth figures announced by Indian Govt. are completely unrealistic as is the recent case where they announced some unbelievable numbers for Software, services & electronic Industry growth.

According to a recent survey done by Juxt Consult, India has 65 million active Internet users and e-commerce is growing at a hectic pace!

And for some fun, check out a former Indian IT commissioner explaining you the real meaning of cloud computing . Just hilarious!

Pune based Druva has bagged 12 Million series B funding, instead of 10 million which was earlier reported.

While countries across the world as struggling to keep their economies afloat – China – is growing literally in double digits! It is probably the saving grace of world economy!

Finally the day has come for Steve Jobs to step down – Here is a quick story told by Google’s Vic Gundotra on why Steve Jobs is, well Steve Jobs !

Zerply, a newly launched professional networking site looks very impressive. In fact, some have already started looking at it as a potential threat to LinkedIn !

Yes, there have been some reforms in Indian education system – But there is a long way to go and lot more to be done before we can hail our education system. Here are the top 5 things about the Indian education system that we hope changes.

What a ride Gold has had over past 18 months. It has literally doubled in 2 years time. The big question though is, Where is Gold headed Next? – Will it go sky high or a Bubble waiting to be burst?

Its nice to see that states like Bihar are adopting technology (Youtube) to curb the rampant corruption in state.

Wipro has become one of the first large BPO firms to setup a Wipro BPO in rural areas!

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