New Facebook changes a literal copy of Google+ !


First off, I am not too sure when these Facebook changes were rolled out as I rarely post directly by going to Facebook itself. My posts are either on Mobile, through Tweetdeck or are posted through my RSS feed.

But today why posting an update on Facebook, I came across quite a few changes that Facebook seems to have done over last couple of days – the biggest of all being the “Facebook update posting box”.

Surprisingly the new Facebook changes are near exact replica of how Google Plus allows you to post the update as far as the functionality goes.

A lot of Facebook users (including yourself) hated how an update in Facebook was difficult when you wanted to send it to only a specific set of people, in fact that is one of the main reasons I am not too active on Facebook with my personal updates.

I have my niece as well as college friends on Facebook and in most cases I want my personal updates to be seen only by specific set of people. Google+ came in, and it took care of this to perfection!

Facebook seems to have taken a note of this and have hurriedly made changes that literally remind of you of Google+. Lets take a look at it.

The previous facebook update box was just a plain box with no option other options (if you inserted an url, it would automatically pick up the thumbnail / excerpt and posted), but now the new box has number of features

Facebook New Message Box

FB Changes

The one thing that was sorely needed in Facebook finally comes – but I have a feeling that if Google+ had not launched, we would not have seen it now – The control over who sees the messages when you post it !!

Privacy Control FB


posting Box

So not exactly how Google Plus has it, in Facebook you can easily choose who sees your updates!

FAcebook changes main

Tagging is a new feature introduced within the Facebook update box.

FB Location

And exactly like Google+ you can also choose to show your Geo-location!

All in all – I think these are great changes. I guess this is a prime example of why we need competition – It just spurs competitors to improve (by innovating or copying!).

So what do you think about these Facebook changes?

  1. When google + launched, they had facebook success to imitate or research. If you comment on improvement of facebook. Our research team take a note to bring it in main stream.

  2. Jeet S Singh says

    If Google+ can be a copy of Facebook & Twitter, Why cant facebook adopt some changes? You guys don't even use facebook but still want to comment on its changes. Grow up, Either use facebook or use twitter. Don't go on hype & join google+ just because its from google without even knowing about it completely. Do some research on the topic before you post.

  3. Janice Haines says

    I was always able to control who saw my status updates. If anything, when FB made these changes to my account this weekend, they changed my settings to PUBLIC. Luckily I noticed, but had to go through and customize again. If anything, I better go through and check ALL of my privacy settings, because every single time FB makes a change, they change ALL of my settings back to Public (of the once-was "everyone").

  4. Kishori Ray says

    thanks for the post!

  5. Muthukrishnan says

    This is what is called competitor analysis. And when you have a competitor like GOOGLE, the analysis has to be very good and implemented. :-)

  6. Hemanshu Desai says

    this was possible in Facebook earlier too, but a bit more cumbersome.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      yes @hemanshu it was always possible…but for too cumbersome to use…so I never used it…but now it is much much easier….dont you think they should have done this earlier?

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