Zerply: Another LinkedIn in the making or even better?


The number of Facebook / Twitter Wannabes has been constantly growing in today’s Social-Media crazy industry. In comparison, LinkedIn has seen lesser competition and fewer players that want to emulate the Social-Networking model for professionals.

As a result, LinkedIn has been able to kind of create a niche space for it in the industry (however microcosmic it may be). I honestly haven’t seen anything that comes close to what LinkedIn does in the recent years until I found Zerply yesterday.


I was quite impressed with Zerply from whatever little interaction I had with it. The design is promising and very user-oriented. I also created a profile for myself at Zerply . I am surprised that even Social Media sites are abuzz with people talking highly about zerply!

I do like LinkedIn for the fact it has grown into a viable job-hunting platform but always felt it tried to do too many things at once and suffered from a lack of clear focus. Zerply has been getting lot of traction in the industry for its ability to enable users to build an online resume in minutes and socialize with other like-minded/skilled folks out there. It also provides an endorsement feature that you can use to endorse other people’s work. The seamless integration with other Social-Media platforms is also a plus.

Zerply of course has a long way to go but has made a bright start. If it can continue to maintain focus and manage to attract a sizeable user-base, a promising future lies ahead.

Do give Zerply a try and let us know what you feel about this new platform (Also, get your sanity url for zerply before others take it!). Do you think it has potential to be a Linkedin Killer?

  1. Christofer Karltorp says

    Thanks for the nice writeup Karthik! Much appreciated.

  2. Sethu Meenakshisundaram says

    I created an account…Amazing interface it is!

  3. Islamic Website says

    Linkedin is also one of the social site which serves a lot in comparison to others it is one of the most professional site where we can easily meet our category people so thanks to the linked staff

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