The real meaning of Cloud Computing by former IT Commissioner [Must Watch Funny Video]


You have to watch this video…. period.

The person (according to youtube description – Vishwabandhu Gupta, former IT commissioner) in this video is explaining the meaning of Cloud Computing and how Google “software” operates.

It is funny to watch with the kind of confidence this guy is explaining what “Cloud Computing”.

Unfortunately, this is in Hindi language,so most Indians will be able to understand it…Here is a small gem (converted into English) he gives out !

Cloud gets “seeded” with Unique Identity card when it is created, but when someone wants to access it from a place where it is raining it obviously cannot be accessed, so the person is in a limbo (kya karoge phir aap?)

Let me know in comments and I will translate the whole damn thing Smile

Let me know what else you understood from this video!

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  2. Terry Lawton says

    Nice post. I found this blog which describes the top benefits of utilizing cloud computing in general, and a cloud database in particular

  3. Nidhi Lauria says

    Ha hahahahah! Cant believe this one – is this guy for real?

  4. Rohit Srivastwa says

    Actual video
    Cloud Fun starts @ 13m but rest of the video is equal fun.

  5. ghosh says

    Hilarious!!! Please translate

  6. Srinivas says

    Really Funny!! … I thought it would end up with … “Agar Aap Cloud Mein Seed Lagaye ya Jameen Mein, Paudha tho Ugegha Hee .. Ab Saaarey Paudhey tho aek Jaise Nahin Hothey….. “

  7. Rachit Jain says

    lmao.. such a chutiya!

  8. Shailesh P Agrawal says

    Bewkufo ki Kami nahin hai Galib, Ek dhundho hajar milte hain (specially in Government organizations).

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